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As of January 10, 2010 the a-la-carte restaurant “California Grill” in the Disneyland Hotel will be offering buffet dining only … however, luckily, only temporary till February 4th, 2010. So what is going on at the flagship restaurant of the resort, that after battleing a drop in quality earlier in 2009 only in the recent months managed to return to the top notch standards of a gourmet restaurant, offering international inspired haute cuisine?

It is not so much what is going on at the California Grill but what is going on at Inventions next door …

Inventions is the popular buffet restaurant offering a lunch buffet as well as a dinner buffet, the later as a character dining opportunity. Located just next to the California Grill inside the Disneyland Hotel, overlooking the Main Street Station and offering a view of the castle over the rooftops of the station the (character) buffet Inventions stands out in the resort as one of the most popular restaurants and is regularly fully booked – thanks to the quality and wide choice of the buffet (not reached by any other buffet in the resort) and the characters joining guests for dinner, including Mickey himself.

From January 10 till February 4th, 2010 the Inventions will be closed for an extensive rehab. Considering the popularity and uniqueness of the offerings the management has therefore decided to move its offerings temporary next door into the rooms of the California Grill. But fans of high quality a-la-carte dining do not need to dispair … as the crew of the California Grill will for the same time temporary relocate one floor up in the Disneyland Hotel … into the Founders’ Club, which will be transformed into an a-la-carte dining restaurant seating 50 guests for the duration of the work inside Inventions!

Thereby guests get the rare opportunity to access this private dining and meeting room designed as a luxurious library, which due to its location on the Castle Club floor usually is only open to selected guests for private (e.g. corporate) events. The room is much more intimate than the original rooms of the California Grill and (due to being located on a high floor) grants an even better view of the Main Street, U.S.A. as well as the castle. Fans on-site during the work might want to try out the re-located California Grill just for the rare opportunity to get access to the Founders’ Club. However, due to the greatly reduced capacity compared to the regular location advance reservations are not only highly recommended but seem a must.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Interesting, California Grill is expensive and was not as good as it should have been when we ate there at the begining of Jan 2009, but I might just be tempted to go again to see “upsatirs”! Love the Inventions Buffet, too. Glad that will still be available during the rehab.

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  3. Laura says:

    I’ve just tried to book into the temporarily relocated California Grill to be told that it will not be open over the coming weekend, 23-25th Jan. The guy I spoke to said it would be reopening on the 29th, but it was unclear whether he meant in it’s temporary location, or it’s original one! Hope this is helpful to someone!

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