The Earl to grace Disneyland Paris

According to the latest word of mouth Earl of Sandwich is to grace Disneyland Paris with his presence – ups, sorry, that has to read: it’s presence, after all we are talking about the Earl of Sandwich restaurant chain. The Earl of Sandwich is a franchise based counter service restaurant chain in the USA offering soups, warm sandwiches, snacks as well as breakfast as a competitor amongst others to the Subway chain. Disney fans may know Earl of Sandwich from its location in Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World, Florida.

The chain’s arrival to the Disney Village had been predicted repeatedly in the past, but only now there seem to be some serious indicators that the project will actually move forward.¬†Postinio posted on the Mousekingdom Forum concept drawings and a blue print¬†for a new building to house the restaurant. According to this information the building would be constructed at the upper end of the Disney Village, next to the Rainforest Cafe, in the area occupied till earlier this year by the carousel. The two story building would offer seating on the ground floor (indoor and outdoor) as well as on a second floor indoor and a small second floor terrace. Thanks to the nearly all-glas facade guests should be awarded a great view of Lake Disney while dining. The building would also cover the rather blunt current facade of the Rainforest Cafe / Hurricane’s Nightclub supposedly improving the views from the far shores of Lake Disney. However, the architecture would be another step away from the original design concept of the Disney Village.

It seems the restaurant, which would be the first European location for the chain, is aiming for an opening at the end of 2010, which would require construction to start early 2010. No word so far on who will operate the restaraunt, but based on the recent history it seems a safe bet to assume that the FLO Group will be signed for this job and may even foot the actual construction bill (as was the case with King Ludwig’s Castle restaurant). Also so far there is no word on the impact the new restaurant will have on the New York Sandwich restaurant, whose current offerings would be made redundant. However, the Sports Bar next doors on most days could do with additional seating, so it might be an option to expand it into the neighbouring space.

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