Strike Finished

Yesterday, December 23rd, 2009, the three unions representing cast members of Disneyland Paris, cfdt, CFTC and UNSA, called their members for a strike. However, contradicting earlier internal statements that their actions wouldn’t impact the experience and seasonal magic of guests in the two packed parks the unions took the action on-stage. The result? Canceled performances of Disney’s Stars’n’Cars in the Walt Disney Studios Park and the Once Upon a Dream Parade in the Disneyland Park (for a detailed coverage and photos check our two live-posts from the site of the strike, a) for the Studios and b) for Disneyland). Whether the action had the positive impact for the demands of the unions (mostly regarding increases of wages in 2010 versus the “zero wage increase” proposal of the management) they had hoped for needs to be awaited. But there is some good news today as well…

The strike has been finished with the end of December 23rd, 2009, so guests should be able to enjoy the christmas magic of Disneyland Paris again fully. Also the official website of the union cfdt on which usually the union’s call to a strike are published in advance do not include any hints that further strikes would be planned.

Also it should be noted that only a small number of cast members participated in the strike and the majorityof cast members did their best to pick up the broken pieces of the christmas dreams of the guests left behind by the strikers and bring back the fun and magic of the season. According to reports the complete cast of the Once Upon a Dream Parade, that is all dancers and Disney characters, came out onto Town Square and Central Plaza around 5.30 pm to offer some extra Disney magic to make up for the actions of their fellow cast members. A great action!

For those interested in some moving pictures of the strike Exponaute has published a short video filmed from among the group of cast members walking down Main Street, U.S.A. during their strike march yesterday:

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