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The whole team of the News Blog hopes you are enjoying to read the latest news and rumors about the most magical place in Europe – however, today we want to ask YOU for a favor … don’t be afraid, we are not asking for donations … we want to ask for YOUR input!

So what does that mean specifically? well, all the news and rumors, reports and fun titbits you can read on the News Blog certainly are not invented by us but are based on our own experience when visiting the resort and everything we learn about through other sources. So what we would love you to do is: let us know if you come across something you think worth reporting about here! No matter whether it is a small fun titbit from your latest visit, a great rumor or a photo of a new rehab or construction – everything!

How to do it? It is really easy: just send us an e-mail to “news(At]” (you know the game, just replace the relevant part in the mail-address – sorry for the spam protection) and you are set. All we need is your name and info whether respectively whom to give credit as source (including a website we should link to if you want to), the news / rumor / titbit / your own photo (please for legal reasons no photos of third parties) / whatever and finally where you were able to get it. See – it is really easy. And if you operate your own website covering Disneyland Paris or other Disney topics this is also a great way to get a link for your site.

So keep us in mind next time you are at Disneyland Paris our hear that juicy rumor…

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