Mulled Wine at Disneyland Paris

For the second year Disneyland Paris features kind of three christmas markets: the most obvious one is the already traditional Disney Village christmas market located between the Disney Village, the entrace to the Walt Disney Studios Park and the main exit from Fantasia Gardens for guests of the Disneyland Park (as covered in detail in the recent weeks). The second one is Belle’s Christmas Village located in the Disneyland Park, to be more specific in Fantasyland around the Old Mill. The third and final one is a small collection of wooden huts located on Production Courtyard. For its second year the huts have been painted white and adorned with christmas garlands. This market is dubbed “Christmas Lane” as it is stretched out around the outer rim of the courtyard.

While the christmas market of the Disney Village is featuring outside sellers with various offerings, the two parks in the theme parks are offering a selection of Disney merchandise also found in the regular Disney shops and boutiques. However, both markets in the parks also offer a selection of foods and drinks – and at least some of these food and drink options are unique to the markets. In particular the hot soups (on most days: tomato soup) as well as other specials such as melted cheese (labeld as fondue) (in Belle’s Village) or a “menue crepe” (in the Christmas Lane).

The unique drink we were referring to? Mulled Wine (hot wine punch)! Not only does none of the regular restaurants and drink carts in the two parks offer mulled wine besides the according stalls at Belle’s Village and Christmas Lane. No, the mulled wine is also the ONLY alcoholic drink on sale inside the two parks which is officially offered to guests who do not order any food to go with it! All wines and beer are officially only served with a food order including at counter service restaurants (even so enforcement of this rule is rather spotty). However, the mulled wine is officially offered without any food to be ordered along.

P.S.: team members who tested the mulled wine on-site and are rather hard to pleased since making their own mulled wine at home were extremly satisfied with its taste. So give it a try if you happen to visit during the Christmas season!

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