A step back in time…

Remember Euro DisneylandWant to make a step back in time – to the early days of Disneyland Paris, to the year in which the whole resort had the name “Euro Disneyland Paris”?
Lots of us already visited the Resort in its first years in 1992 – 1994.
Even though not as much additions have been made to the original Park since the first opening as most of us hoped, there have been significant developments to “our” Magic Kingdom.

A good example is given by this map of the Disneyland Park from 1994.
The author of the article states that it is from a 1994 park leaflet and as expected especially Discoveryland looks quite small on it since it’s most impressing addition until today – Space Mountain – was only to be opened one year later in 1995.
Another attraction that was already open in 1994 is also not shown on the map – just take a look at Adventureland. In the attractions list “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril” is listed but it is not to be found on the map even if it was open for a year already when this map was handed out to visitors.
For me it feels great to look at this map since it brings back some fantastic memories. Ok, the park was smaller back then but I didn’t care that much, since everything there felt great, the resort was still a new adventure to be lived, the theming fabulous, nothing run down – maybe some of you have great memories at that time, too and would like to share them with us and our readers?

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  1. René says:

    I had a great Time.

    I remember my first visit in 1992. We only wanted to stay 2 days, but it was so fabulous that we decided to stay another day. It was really like a dream come true and i felt like a child again. The park was smaller but it was a new experience.

    Now I am 33 years old and the feeling is the same when i visit the Disneyland Resort.

  2. Amanda says:

    We first visited in January 1994, so the map looked just like the one shown! It was all so new and exciting, there seemed to plenty to do but there have of course been a lot of improvements since then, I would really miss the Studios.

    It was quieter then though, you could meet & greet with Mickey anywhere with no pushing or shoving or big queues!

  3. R.ecosse says:

    I 1st visited in June 1992, just 2 months after opening, and like the others have said the park was so new it was a like a dream being there. When I was there I bought a guide book which only had 2 or 3 actual pictures of the park, most of the images were conceptual drawings and some pictures which looked like parks in America with people holding ‘EuroDisney’ bags to make it look like Paris.

    I still love going today and especially if there is something new to see or do , but I also love seeing ‘vintage’ disney stuff like maps or guides.

  4. m says:

    Mi first travel to the EuroDisney Resort was in the Christmas vacation of 1993. It was also my first travel to a foreign conutry.
    I will always remember that lovely resort full of magic and snow. The resort probably was smaller but I thing it had more magic and illusion during Christmas like the great effect that the amazing arcades of Philips Christmas lights produced through Main Street U.S.A.! The lights suited perfectly when the “Main Street Electrical Parade” was shown and with the season too.

    I do really miss that young spirit of illusion and enchanting magic that EuroDisney had, I don’t know why the arcades and the parade had dissapeared :( One thing that I’ve notticed is that in the early ages of EuroDisney “It’s a small world!” wasn’t decorated with Christmas decorations -as far as I can remember and see in my photographs.

    Anyway, I’m from Spain and there going to EuroDisney was very inusual in the 90’s so I felt like some kind of “privilegiate”. The resort was so new and unknown for Spain so you couldn’t compare your experience or your oppinions from EuroDisney with anyone. Fortunately, now everybody can taste the magic of EuroDisney. Well I have so good memories form EuroDisney!! Is the best place to go!

    On the otehr hand I thing that the resort is not the same as it was…
    It’s good that it has now enhanced a lot: new attractions, more commuincations, more shops… but it has now more economical power and I thing is more commercial and material, when I was a kid it was like a dream, like the best present you could give to a child and there weren’t so “celebrations” (mickey’s party, new generation) (that I thing are only a commercial strategy) as are now. It was different, all was made with illusion and not for money. Starting by the name, they changed it in order to attract more people: money, money and money… I prefer a 100 times the EuroDisney Resort name to that mountain of stupid renamings….

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