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30-PercentEarlier this year the resort experimented with various free offers and discounts that were granted to guests who shopped in Disneyland Park during the first half of the day (granting these guests 15% off for additional shopping in the last hours of the long summer nights) or had lunch in one of it’s counter service location (which was good for a free hot drink / soft drink later in the afternoon). The special offers were detailed on the receipts guests received with their original shopping in boutiques / orders in the counter service restaurants… but the latest twist of these promotions has moved on to a new level:

When shopping in (selected ?) shops in the Disneyland Park guests will be informed that they will receive a 30% discount (!) for additional shopping in the Disneyland Park (certain items excluded). The special twist? The offer isn’t good until November 1st till December 18th – the slower days between the Halloween and the Christmas Season and the first, less busy weeks of the latter. So while guest will receive a discount higher than any regular discount granted by the resort’s Annual Passports or granted to members of its Shareholders’ Club to get that discount guests will have return to the resort (and help bolster its guest count for 2009) – clearly an option that is feasible only for fans and local guests. Together with various special offers of discounted tickets in the local area and the increasing amount of French in the shows this latest “in-park” promotion seems to be another step of the resort to concentrate more on local guests – despite the large amounts international guests tend to spend not only in the parks but also in the Disney Village and with the Disney hotels during their multi-day visits.

The resort has send out an e-mail to all Annual Passport holders providing an update on above mentioned special discount. According to the information (available on detail on a dedicated page of the official website) the 30% discount voucher is only granted to holders of the AP Dream, AP Fantasy holders receive a 20% discount and AP Francilien holders a 15% discount code per receipt good for one transaction (no limit on the numbers of items on that transaction) with a value of at least 30.00 EUR. So differing from original reports comning in from guests these discounts seem to be limited to AP holders and are NOT offered to the general public!

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  1. Oli says:

    Hi Dirk,

    i was in the resort last week and i got this special offer with the receipt too.
    As an AP Dream Holder they will offer me a 10% additional discout on the regular 20% discount.
    So the AP-Holders will recieve the same reduction as the other crowds ;-)

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