Disney Blockbuster Café – Original or Not?

Blockbuster Cafe - Pirates AreaIt has been a while since we were able to report progress in the transformation of the former “Backlot Express” restaurant in the Walt Disney Studios to its new “Disney Blockbuster Café” incarnation – however, at the last update the interior (and exterior) seemed pretty much finished with only the display cases in both the Pirates of the Caribbean section and the (on the majority of days closed) expansion room of the High School Musical area still empty. However, finally these display cases have been outfitted with content as well.

Blockbuster Cafe - High School Musical AreaFound in the new display cases are now head-less mannequins that show off costumes. To no surprise in the case of the Pirates of the Caribbean themed area two pirate costumes are on display. The two display cases in the HSM-themed room (the former terrasse, now enclosed) show off four Wildcat costumes – two red cheerleader dresses, a white track suite and a red baseball uniform).

Blockbuster Cafe - Pirates AreaUnfortunately so far no signage has been placed anywhere close to the displays – so it is up to the guests whether they think these costumes are actual costumes used in the filming or just replicas assembled by Disneyland Paris. However, considering the slow (but somehow steady) transformation of the restaurant maybe that signage will be added in the future…

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  1. TR says:

    I saw the pirates ones in person, and the one on the right is most definitely NOT Jack Sparrow’s outfit, despite trying to look like it is. The give away is that the coat is a brown-y colour, wheras the real Jack’s coat is dark blue.

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