The Natural Seesaw

AnimationSteinContinuing our look at recent developments on and around Adventure Isle from earlier today there is one more sight to mention: Le Rocher Qui Basaile – the famous “tilting” rock on Adventureland. Located on the shores of Adventure Isle close to the barrel bridge this large rock used to tilt up and down similar to a seesaw when guests sat down on it. Even the Family Swiss Robinson indicated this natural wonder on their detail rich map of the island on display abit further up on the walkways.

Le Rocher Qui BasaileWell, the rock is still there but underwent a small rehab this summer – as a result of this the tilting / seesaw effect has been blocked. All that remains now is a large, stable rock. Certainly the map wasn’t updated … All that can be said is that it is always regrettable if a great little detail from the early years of the park is destroyed by the current team and local Imagineering fails to move in and stop them.

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