The Last Chance terrace

Last Chance Cafe Construction

Last Chance Cafe ConstructionThe Last Chance Cafe in Frontierland hasn’t been opened a lot. Doors stay closed most of the time with only periodic opening during the busy summer season. A couple of months ago work was being done inside the cafe, giving the impression it would reopen for normal business on a more regular basis. But the cafe remained closed as work moved from the inside area to the outside area.

Last Chance Cafe ConstructionThe work in front of the cafe started during the summer month but is now taking form. The big outdoor seating area is being fitted with a new big roof covering most of its area. This will give guests an extra place during rainy moment to enjoy a drink or a small snack. Could the new covered area indicate more opening dates for the cafe? Why else would this area be refurbished…

Last Chance Cafe ConstructionThe work seems to go into its final stage. The big wooden frame is ready, covering the terrace area of the Last Chance Cafe. The wooden floor has been put into place, all the way to the front of the new building. The big job working on now is the roof. Tiles are ready to go up the roof to finish it off. The building has already been partly painted.

Once the carpenters and the painters are done and the area is cleaned up the new terrace will be ready for its first guests.

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