Construction Update

Under ConstructionWith the official end of the summer season past Sunday the work crews have returned to the Disneyland Park in full force – after a 1 1/2 month break, considering that some projects started in late spring actually finished only during high season. So which projects are currently in progress?

On Main Street, U.S.A., not a single major project is underway – but painters are busy touching up the facades in various changing locations every day. Construction Work Last Chance CafeHowever, once guests turn into Frontierland they will encounter the first major project: The Last Chance Cafe – the only project that is already underway since early August. In the meantime the construction walls not only block access to the counter service restaurant and its terrace but have extended to also block of the planters that separate that terrace from the patio of the Lucky Nugget Saloon next doors. So far the signage of The Last Chance Cafe seems to have been taken off the building’s facade – but the real news are the wooden structures on the former terrace! Based on what can be spotted already protruding over the top of the green construction fences two structures seem to go up to, that should add cover / roofs to the former open air terrace. A small roof to the right of the terrace is already clearly visible, while of the larger roof that should cover the majority of the former open air terrace only the basic support structure went up. As The Last Chance Cafe only offers seating on said – so far uncovered terrace – the addition of the new roofs should allow operation of the restaurant also during spring and fall.

Construction Work Indiana JonesThe next project can be found in Adventureland – and it’s hard to miss: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril has been closed for a rehab till September 11, 2009. The surprising element about this news is the fact that the resort decided not to block only the attraction itself off, but has placed the construction fence further down on the walkway leading up to the attraction, right next to the small walkway leading to the backside of Adventure Isle, thus also blocking access to the shop in front of the roller coaster.

Construction Work 2009 Alices LabyrinthThe next attraction closed due to a rehab awaits guests in Fantasyland – Alice’s Curious Labyrinth closed surprisingly on August 31st and currently is scheduled to reopen next week (September 12, 2009 – however, such closures are always up to last minute changes). The labyrinth already underwent several major rehabs earlier this year, starting with the plants themselves and the decoration / themeing outdoors all the way to the Queen of Hearts’ castle, which was repainted outside and (in the early weeks of July) also inside. Construction Work Alices LabyrinthThe latest closure seems to be due to the attention required to the plantings once again, as past Monday an access bridge could be spotted being extended from the walkways leading onto the face of the Grinning Cat, allowing the horticulture cat members to replace the plants in the area.

Construction Work VideopolisThe final major rehab respectively construction project under progress in the Disneyland Park can be found in Discoveryland on the huge open plaza surrounding the Orbitron. Since late spring the resort is repaving the whole plaza in segments starting in front of the entrance to Space Mountain going progressing clockwise around Orbitron. However, as the construction heavily impacts guest flow at this already busy central area of Discoveryland the project was suspended after the area behind the Cool Zone to the right of the main entrance walkway had been finished in mid-July. Now the crews have returned and fenced off the area right in front of the Videopolis past Monday.

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