Big Boys Toys Arrived!

Toy Story Playland ConstructionInside the Walt Disney Studios work on the new Toy Story Playland area has started. The “big toys” is rolling in to prepare the land for its new inhabitants from the Toy Story gang. A big yellow crane is spotted just behind the Toy Story decorated fence that encloses the area.

Toy Story Playland ConstructionThe fence is covered with a big Toy Story scene where Buzz and his famous friends are doing the best they can to try and hide the work for the guests in the best possible way.

However, peaking trough the fence reveals groundbreaking work is taking place.  The area is being prepared for the new kiddie (and Toy Story Playland Constructionthose young at heart) attractions.

But it will be a while before the new land is ready and until that time it’s the “big boys” that will be able to play with the big toys to get the attractions into place.

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