A Pool with No Water

Sequoia Lodge Swimming PoolAs planned the pool at the Sequoia Lodge has been closed for some major work. The pool is completely drained of all its water and inside the big basin scaffolding is rising up. The biggest job will be adding new insulation inside the building. This will be done with special insulation materials delivered by the company Eurocoustic. This company specialises in acoustic insulation and will also improve the noise level inside the building.

Sequoia Lodge Swimming PoolSequoia Lodge Swimming PoolFor those guests that want to go for a swim during their visit can use an alternative pool in one of the other Disneyland Paris Hotels. A notification at the pool is making sure guests are aware of this possibility.

For more information on the other hotel pools and their opening times make sure to visit the concierge of the Sequoia Lodge first to avoid disappointment in case one of these would be closed too.

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  1. Gerry says:

    We will be staying at the Hotel from the 8th Nov 2009, do you know if the pool is yet open?

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