The Final Week of Summer

Central Plaza InformationWith the first children returnin to school and the days getting considerable shorter the end of summer is looming on the horizon. While Labor Day is still nearly two weeks off, the summer season at Disneyland Paris will come to an end coming Sunday. So this week is the last opportunity to enjoy the special summer entertainment schedule inlcuding the new show “Goofy’s Summer Camp”, the Disney Fantillusion nighttime spectacular and certainly the Enchanted Fireworks – not to mention the numerous street entertainment offerings and the prolonged opening hours.

However, the hours of the Disneyland Park have already been cut slightly back. Instead of closing officially at 11.00 pm (as in the prior weeks of the summer season), the park officially closes at 10.00 pm this week. However, guests are not going to loose out on much time in the parks – not only because many rides closed earlier throughout the summer anyway but because the resort came up with a new twist on operating hours!

Throughout the summer the Disneyland Park had the Disney Fantillusion “parade” scheduled at 10.25 pm followed by the fireworks to close off the day at 11.00 pm – the official closing time. The concept behind this schedule is well established and used since 1992 at Disneyland Paris. But for the final week of the summer 2009 Disney Fantillusion has been rescheduled to 10.00 pm – in other words the official closing time of the park. However, no fear that guests may miss out on the fireworks above Sleeping Beauty Castle – those are still scheduled right after Disney Fantillusion has disappeared backstage! In other words: while the official closing time may be one hour earlier, the special summer nighttime entertainment – which attracts many guests – will just take place right after closing time, in somehting guests could consider “bonus time”! Isn’t that a good reason to make use of the various special priced offers of the resort and catch the magic of the Disney summer nights before it glows away till next year?

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