Summer ending – construction work ending?

Bridge from Skull Rock to PiratesThe summer season is coming to a close – Sunday is the official final day – and it seems with it the last visible construction / refurbishment projects in the Disneyland Park. At the latest counting three sites were still covered behind construction fences: parts of the ground around the Orbitron in Discoveryland, the bridge leading from Pirates of the Caribbean to Skull Rock in Adventureland and the Last Chance Cafe in Adventureland. Well, this past weekend only one of these locations was left under construction …

Last Chance Cafe The arched stone bridge in Adventureland was open to guests again – with an all new floor – improving the guest flow in the area noticeably once again. Also finished is the project in Discoveryland to repave major segments of the wide open plaza around the Orbitron. After the area in front of the entrance to Space Mountain – Mission 2 in late spring the last segment to be redone, the ground between the Cool Station and the exit walkway of Autopia has been redone in the meantime as well.

Last Chance Cafe 03This leaves the rehab of the fast food counter restaurant Last Chance Cafe in Frontierland, located between the Lucky Nugget Saloon and the Silverspur Steakhouse. The building as well as the seating area (all outdoor) in front of it are still closed off with plain green construction fences. However, additional signs have been put up on the fence informing guests that the closed restaurant wasn’t their last chance to grab some food…

Instead guests are guided to the Cowboy Cookout Barbecue, Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost and the Fuente Del Oro as alternative locations, which are all indicated on a map of the area also highlighting the walkway to the three restaurants and selected sample foods offered in these locations.

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