Mickey’s Magical Party – CD TWO (updated!)

Mickey's Magical Party CD2In April the resort released the theme song of this year’s event “Mickey’s Magical Party” on a CD single titled “Mickey’s Magical Party Time” (for more details check out our according news report) … now the resort has added a second release titled “Mickey’s Magical Party” (catalog number EDDA039-2)!

The new release is already differentiated from the original release by the missing “Time” in the title but also by the type of packaging and a new cover. While the prior CD single came in the (usual) strong paper slip-in sleeve, the new release comes in a strong paper case, which can be opened, includes a booklet and holds the CD in a plastic holder (similar to the 15th anniversary CD release) – an alternative to the typical jewel case for CDs. Als the cover motive certainly is new compared to the original release as can be seen on the right. However, the photo does not give a realistic impression of the background, which in fact is not black but actualy silver reflecting background – note the Mickey Mouse shaped decorations on the posts in front of the buildings – these are from early concepts how to redecorate the posts that got replaced (before installation) with the “simple” banners for the event that can be seen on Main Street, U.S.A. now.

Anyway, back to the CD – what can be found on the new CD? Plenty as the CD comes with 14 tracks running approximately 54 minutes, most of which were previously unavailable …

It's Party Time... with Mickey and FriendsThe first seven tracks are the full music of the show “It’s Party Time… with Mickey and Friends” as presented on the Central Plaza Stage up to five times daily. It starts out with an instrumental of “Mickey’s Magical Party Time”, followed by the various music pieces for the characters (“Following the Leader”, “The Bare Necessities”, “Tigger Medley”, “Hakuna Matata” and “Peter Pan Medley”) and closing with a track titled “Mickey – Finale” to clock in at a total of a bit under 14 minutes. Note that the tracks are purely instrumental – no characters voices, announcements or other vocals (with the exception of “Following the Leader”, which includes the words “following the leader” sung in a very dark, deep voice mixed far into the background, barely descernible as used pretty much like a music instrument).

The second set of the tracks (track 8 to 10) consists of the previously unreleased french version of the theme song (titled “La Fête Magique de Mickey”; running 3:46 min. according to the track listing), the “Version Main Street USA” of the song (listed as 1:45 min.) and the remix, which is identical to the version released on the single “Mickey’s Magical Party Time” earlier this year.

It's Dance Time... in DiscoverylandTrack eleven comes under the heading “It’s Dance Time… in Discoveryland” – however, this is not(!) the full music of the popular show featuring Stitch. Most probably due to legal reasons (maybe related to royalties?) only one track from the soundtrack consisting of various famous disco tunes made it onto the cd: “He’s A Pirate – Remix” listed as running 5:38 min. This instrumental piece (from Klaus Badelt’s score to the first movie of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy) is used as background music in the show when Stitch arrives in his intergalactic space ship (to fully relive the experience don’t forget to boost the bass prior to listening to this track at home!).

Track 12 and 13 are labeled only as “The Hill Billy Trio” (3:33 min.) and “The African Tam Tam” (5:00). The first track is the recording of the song “How Many Biscuits Can You Eat?” as previously released on various CDs by the resort over the years (noteably the “Frontierland en Musique” and the “Disneyland Paris en Musique” CDs). The track “The African Tam Tam” also had been released by the resort on prior CDs, but on this new CD runs nearly 2 minutes longer than on any previous release. However, there is no real connection to the title of the CD and this year’s celebration with any of these two tracks…

The final track (track 14) is a surprise again. Listed with a running time of 12:50 the title “Once Upon A Time, Sleeping Beauty” says it all: this is the soundtrack to the small show “Once Upon a Time with Sleeping Beauty” as presented in 2008 and earlier this year in the Castle Courtyard in which several pairs of dancers told the story of Sleeping Beauty, who later together with her prince should her dancers. The track includes the full vocals and narration as heard during the show. When playing the track it displays a running time exceeding the listed time – which is due to the fact that starting at approx. minute 13 a hidden bonus track starts: Mickey, Goofy, Donald and Timon speaking in French over the instrumental “Version Main Street USA” of “Mickey’s Magical Party Time”.

Comparing the new CD with the above mentioned prior release it should be noted that only the remix of the year’s theme song seem to be featured on both releases identical. The instrumental versions of the theme song are listed with different running times so should not be identical. The theme song itself finaly is not featured in its regular English language version on the new CD at all. Guests interested in this must buy the CD “Mickey’s Magical Party Time” (catalog number EDDA038-2) as well – considering the fact that this is teh song guests hear repeatedly and most probably will be interested in a questionable decision of the CD’s producers as many guests will jsut assume the theme song to be included  and will notice its omission only back home, when it is too late to buy the older release as well.

The release date – at the end of the summer season, when the big crowds are going to let down a bit – seems questionable could indicate that it maybe wasn’t originally planned and comes in reaction to guest demand. On the other hand a recently released official casting notice indicated that the show “It’s Party Time… with Mickey and Friends” may not only be presented till March 2010 but till the end of the summer season of 2010 – so plenty of time to sell the new CD … even so from this point of view it might have been a good idea to indicate on the CD cover, that it includes the soundtrack of the show…

Anyway: the new release for sure is welcome to any fans of Disneyland Paris and its entertainment. Even so the show “It’s Party Time… with Mickey and Friends” might not be as popular among fans as the resort had hoped, the release itself is a welcome addition to the collection. Plus: the bonus of the soundtrack of “Once Upon a Time with Sleeping Beauty” is a nice surprise! Also “regular guests” will find the CD to be a great souvenir of their visit during this year’s party and of the show on Central Plaza, they might have watched – also they will miss the theme song and would have to buy a second CD single to obtain that.
Thanks to Mark Jochems for pointing out the new release at the Magic Music board!

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  1. Lars says:

    I bought a copy of this album last week when I was at the resort. Loved it! I am always in favour of instrumental versions, rather then the ones with the character’s voices in it. It’s a shame the popular ‘Tous en Train’ song from Minnie’s Party Train / Disney’s Charater Express is not included. That would make this album even more great!
    Anyway, fans of Disney music can blind buy this one. Recommended!

  2. Eil says:

    where can i buy this cd in england?

  3. Lars says:

    You can not buy this CD outside the resort. Maybe you can find it on eBay instead if you’re not able to visit Disneyland any time soon.

  4. merryweather says:

    You can buy the cd by contacting the Disneyland Paris Mail order – Customer Service Department at:

    Disneyland Resort Paris
    Mail Order – Customer Service
    BP 100
    77777 Marne-la-Vallée
    Cedex 04

    00 33 (0) 1 64 74 48 48
    00 33 (0) 1 64 74 44 30


    This address is / used to be on the back of the receipts you get with a purchase at the resort.

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