La Ola for Mickey and Friends

It's Party Time with Mickey and Friends - La Ola“It’s Party Time… with Mickey and Friends” presented several times daily on the huge new stage constructed on Central Plaza is supposed to be the centerpiece of this year’s big party celebrated in the Disneyland Paris. Unfortunately the show is lagging in crowd response and rarely if every manages to attract crowds filling the vast space of Central Plaza – rain or shine the audience usually never is up to what could be expected. Therefore in particular the guest interaction parts usualy get very timid reactions if at all and it is not rare to see guests leave only a few minutes into the show or not even stop when passing by during a performance.

The entertainment team is trying to react to the guests voting with their feet – however, not with the needed complete overhaul of the show but with minimal changes … to no effect. The guest interaction with its overly complicated choreographies that at best result in head scratching by guests are still in. Instead minor details are changed. Example? Originally Goofy raced around the center of the stage trying to get the audience to get a “la ola” (a wave as known from soccer stadiums and concerts) racing around the stage as well. Now this has been replaced with Goofy trying to get the “la ola” no longer circling the stage but going from the center to the outside, i.e. from the first row of guests to the last – and the results are still as disappointing as originally.

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