Disney Blockbuster Café – Original HSM props?

Blockbuster Cafe - High School Musical AreaEven so a few additional posters and banners were added in the past weeks the decoration based on the High School Musical franchise in the entrance area, the counter area as well as the raised seating area to the righ of the entrance seemed mostly finished for a while in the Disney Blockbuster Café (with the exception of a few overhead banners that were added lately) while work concentrated on the Pirates of the Caribbean themed room, that opened only last week.

However, a look into the second HSM themed room the past weekend revealed that there might be more coming. This second room can be accessed from the raised seating area only and is actualy the former covered terrace that was enclosed during the first winter of the Walt Disney Studios to increase the restaurant’s capacity for the colder months of the year. While posters showing off the cast of the HSM 3 were added several weeks ago already, now two large glass display cases were placed along the rear wall (just as in the Pirates themed room). So it seems a good guess that some original props from the movies might be added here sometime soon.

If this assumption is correct (which seems reasonable) the only strange thing about the placement of these display cases is that the former terrace (now the second room) is rarely opened. It is basically used as an add-on room for busy days only as cleaning the room requires extra time / staff. So if this method of operation would continue the majority of guests might never be able to get close to the display… Also it should be noted that the work in the extra room seems to have been limited to the redecoration. No additional heating or insulation of the exterior walls have been added – despite complaints of guests during past winter seasons that the room due to a lack of regular heating and insulation is too cold.

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