Defibrillators in the Disneyland Park

Adventureland Bazaar Telefon - DefibrillatorFollowing the lead of major airports around the globe the Disneyland Park seems to have started to place defibrillators in locations accessible to guests for emergency use. One such defibrillator was placed next to the public phones in the Adventureland Bazaar at the entrance of Adventureland. However, at this point the official park maps do not yet include any information about the location of the defibrillator. Also there is not signage pointing guests to the defibrillator on-side.

While the addition of the defibrillators certainly is an important step to improve emergency care for the worst case signage and inclusion in the guide maps are an  absolute necessary to allow guests easy and fast access. Guests should be aware, that while these defibrillators (just as the ones found e.g. in airports) are designed to be used by un-trained personnel it is of absolute importance to immediately inform a cast member in the vincinity in case of an emergency who can call in the trained emergency staff of the resort.

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  1. Brandis says:

    I noticed the empty cases during my last visit in June. Saw one next to the telephones near the big backstage door between the Adventureland Bazaar and the Adventureland entrance of Chalet de la Marionette.

    They probably will alert Disney Security when being opened.

  2. Christian says:

    I personally noticed one in the Main Street Arcades. Good to have them, better if not needed!

  3. rob says:

    great article, defibrillator should be evrywhere.AED cabinet lokks good.Rob

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