Defibrillators all over the theme parks

Toilet of Terror - DefibrilatorAs reported August 19 Disneyland Paris had installed a “public” defibrillator (meaning a defibrillator placed in areas accessible to guests which can be used by guests or cast members in case of an cardic arrest without any formal training) next to the restrooms in the Adventureland Bazaars. As reader comments let us knew, one more defibrillator had been placed “next to the telephones near the big backstage door between the Adventureland Bazaar and the Adventureland entrance of Chalet de la Marionette” (thanks Brandis for this info), while another was spotted by Christian in the Main Street Arcades. Two additional devices were already spotted last weekend: the first one was found next to the toilettes in the Videopolis (in Discoveryland), the second one next to the toilettes at the Tower of Terror. The latter one is also seen in our photo and is the first one found in the Walt Disney Studios Park. 

Based on the sightings so far the resort seems to place devices next to the major restrooms in both parks. With this move the resort follows the example of the two Disney resorts in the U.S. where similar devices had been added over the recent years as well – and as far as the public devises are concerned also usually next to the restrooms.

At this time guests are not in any way guided to the defibrillators – so it needs to be awaited wether park guide maps will feature the locations of the defibrillators as well when the next edition of the guides is released in November or whether any signage is added in the park. A finale note: while the defibrillators are designed to allow use by un-trained personnel, such as regular park guests, guests should always make sure that cast members are alarmed immediately of any emergencies so that trained personnel can be brought in as fast as possible.

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