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Rain Ponchos 2009For decades Disney parks around the world were swarmed by guests in bright yellow ponchos on rainy days looking from the air as if swarms of giant bees were bussing around the park in the rain. But in the recent years the US-resorts replaced the bright yellow plastic ponchos with clear (see through) plastic ponchos. And now the Disneyland Resort Paris is following this trend.

While for 2007 and 2008 the resort ordered yellow ponchos with large 15th anniversary logos (that are still on sale in some shops in the resort) now the first deliveries of new clear (see through) plastic ponchos have arrived and are on sale e.g. in some shops on the Main Street, U.S.A., on rainy days. The new ponchos also feature a new logo featuring only the name “Disneyland Paris” with the “A” in the two words being formed by a drawing of the Eiffel Tower.

Magnet Photo Frame Space MountainThe new ponchos and the new UP-plushs (see post from yesterday) aren’t the only new merchandise items introduced in the past weeks. While earlier this year various items featuring the “Mickey’s Magic Party” theme were introduced in the meantime the resort is updating its regular product lines once again. One of the new products introduced are magnetic photo frames featuring a “Space Mountain: Mission 2” design that can be placed e.g. on a fridge to either show off the Space Mountain artwork or any photo of the guests choice, which can be replaced by the guest easily.

Just as interesting as the new products available are products not available, though. The summer season 2009 is the first summer season in a long time in which no separate single with the soundtrack of the nighttime spectacular “Disney’s Fantillusion” is available. Guests interested in the music of the spectacular will have to buy the “Parades en musique” album which, however, only includes a shortened version of the soundtrack compared to the single available till last year. Also the front cover of the album does not reference Fantillusion different from the now discontinued single.

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  1. James Carey says:

    What you call a “plush” (“peluche” in French) is in fact a “soft toy” or a “cuddly toy”.

    James Carey, Paris, 27 August 2009

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