UP has blown into the Studios & Disneyland

Up - Studio 1Disney Pixar’s UP is ready to return to France (after its official premier at this spring’s film festival in Cannes) July 29 when it opens nation-wide in cinemas. By then it is the first European country that opens the movie as in most other countries the movie will only arrive in cinemas in late September, in some even only at the end of October (when France will already be looking forward to the DVD release currently scheduled for November 29, 2009). However, as always the Disneyland Resort Paris is ahead of everyone else and things take flight (literally) already!

Up - ToysNot only were members of the resort’s Shareholders’ Club already treated to two exclusive preview screenings for free, but a huge poster advertising the movie (with the French title “La-Haut”) has been added to the rear facade of Studio 1 in the Walt Disney Studios Park, facing toward the Hollywood Boulevard, where it replaced the poster advertising the Hannah Montana movie. In addition the first merchandise from the movie has arrived in the Walt Disney Studios Store on the Frontlot: two styles of plush – one of a crazy looking bird, the other one of “Dug” the talking dog featured in the movie .

But there is more – the Disneyland Park at Disneyland Resort Paris was also the location for a publicity stunt in the early morning hours of July 20. Long before sunset a team of professional hot air balloon pilots assembled a unique hort air balloon promoting the movie, which resembles thousands of small balloons tight together and also hides the usual basket for the pilot in a small scale model of Carl’s house thereby giving observers the impression, that Carl’s house is floating by!

The balloon was ready for lift off in the early morning hours before guests could enter the park but luckily the marketing and press teams of Disney Pixar and the resort were on hand to document how Carl’s house floats by Disneyland Paris’ Sleeping Beauty Castle in front of a picture perfect blue sky! To watch the balloon floating in front of the castle as well as the hour long preparation work check out the official video reposted on YouTube by “filipv” embedded below (or visit the according YouTube-page)!

The next question is: will the characters from the movie also be available at the Walt Disney Studios as of July 29, 2009 for meet’n’greets? Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World welcomed the characters of Carl (the senior and star of the movie), Russell (the 8 year old wilderness explorer accompanying him) as well as Dug the talking dog in May in time for the US-premiere of the movie on May 19. As The Disney Blog reports (including a photo) the three of them are now greeting guests in the US-park and are available for photos as well as to sign autographs.

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