Hurry… the SALE is ending soon!

Soldes 2009 - SignsWalking down your local high street you will be hard pressed to miss the huge “SALE” signs all over the place as the regular summer sales are combined with special sales due to the economic situation. So surprise – the Disneyland Resort Paris is also currently (since June 24) conducting a resort wide sales in its shops and boutiques for a various products from clothing, to all kinds of souvenirs but also upscale pricy collectibles such as Disney Classic Collection figurines. Signage has been further increased compared to the prior years to make guests aware of the specials deals available.

Soldes 2009Products included in the sale are varying from shop to shop (even so basically all shops offer some discounted products) as inventory of certain  items may be depleted in one shop while still existing in others. So browsing through various shops may reveal great deals. Discounts are offered of 30%, 40% and even 50% on certain items! In addition some items habe been newly priced at 0.50, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 EUR as part of the sale. However, if you want to make a great deal you better hurry as the sale will end on Tuesday next week (July 28). But there is more…

In addition to this “regular summer sale” (that just is advertised more obviously this year) selected shops feature a special offer limited till July 26 (coming Sunday): with a minimum purchase of 25.00 EUR one specific product is offered at a steep discount. In some shops the product in question is a surday shopping bag, in another a beach towel while in others a ceramic mug has been selected. In every case these products are part of the new for 2009 “Mickey’s Soldes 2009 - Offre MagiqueMagic Party” product range with the according designs featuring Mickey Mouse. While the items are for sale to all guests without any preconditions, once the minimum purchase is reached (excluding this item) the price of e.g. the beach towel drops from 19.90 EUR to 9.90 EUR or for the mug from 15.00 EUR to 7.90 EUR. It shold be noted that these offers are not available in all shops but selected locations only and in each shop the offer is only available for one of the three items pre-selected by the shop.

The Disneyland Resort Anaheim regularly makes similar offers. However, while in the Disneyland Resort Paris the price for a regular item is reduced once a minimum purchase is reached, at Disneyland Anaheim usually a certain item is offered only to those guests which reach the minimum purchase (while guests not reaching that level can not buy the item at all).

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