Did you hear about Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show?

Buffalo Bill Spot at Cinema MickeyDid you? It is now featuring Mickey and Friends! If you visited the Disneyland Resort Paris sometime since this spring you should have noticed as the resort is pushing the dinner show with posters, flyers and announcements (e.g. on the resort tv as well as the screens in the lobby of the hotels) heavily. In addition the huge screens of Cinema Mickey in the Videopolis are now also used to show an extensive ad for the dinner show once per hour, shortly before a new cycle of the classic Mickey shorts starts (which is always on the hour).

Buffalo Bill without SignBut another advertising measure has been ended already again. The huge poster added to the facade of the entrance area of the dinner show (which showed Mickey in the arena in front of the main cast of the show as depicted in a post from June) has been taken down again – no reason known for the decision so far. But then the remaining advertising should be enough to make guests aware of the dinner show in any case…

And if they got interested in the dinner show they are even treated to a discount! Up till July 31, 2009 all guests presenting the current entertainment program when buying tickets for the show will be able to buy up to 5 adult tickets at the childrens’ price for a saving of EUR 14,- per ticket – as is touted in big letters on the back of the entertainment program. Considering this discount for practically everyone who did not pre-book tickets to the show it could be guessed that adding Mickey and friends to the show was not enough to attract a significant amount of dinners in the current economic climate.

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