Summer Season – changes for the final week?

Enchanted FireworksNext Saturday will be the first day of the summer season 2009 at the Disneyland Resort Paris – in other words: extended operating hours in the Disneyland Park daily till 11.00 pm (the Walt Disney Studios Park continues to close daily at 7.00 pm) as well as extra-entertainment in the Disney Village and in both theme parks, in particular in the Disneyland Park with the all new daily show “Goofy’s Summer Camp” at the Chaparal Theater as well as the nightly streetacular “Fantillusion” followed by the “Enchanted Fireworks” high over the turrets of Sleeping Beauty Castle choreographed to a musical suite from Disney’s movie “Enchanted”.

Traditionally the summer season will last till the final weekend of August – according press releases of the resort have been released already at least in French, English and Italian advertising the extra entertainment and the daily Fanitullusion as well as fireworks display till August 30th (inclusive). Therefore, it has to be noted with surprise, that the resort updated the official calendar of opening hours on its website – now announcing that the last day with extended 11.00 pm operating hours at the Disneyland Park will be August 23rd! From August 24th on the Disneyland Park will close daily at 10.00 pm till August 30th (inclusive), before switching to closing at 7.00 pm on Monday August 31st (operating hours for September have not yet been released). So what about Fantillusion and fireworks?

FantillusionIt has to be noted that the original operating hours schedule at the time the press released were issued still listed the Disneyland Park as open till 11.00 pm in the final week of the summer season. So will Fantillusion and Enchanted Fireworks be cancelled during the final week? While this certainly can not be ruled out and the various hotline of the resort were unable to confirm whether both offers are scheduled for the final week of the summer season, it has to be noted that when the operating hours were changed the press releases were NOT changed! This could be seen as an indicator that the resort is cutting the hours short because of updated attendance and hotel occupancy estimates but will go ahead with the nighttime entertainment nevertheless.

It should be possible to move both, Fantillusion and the Enchanted Fireworks up by one hour, from their current summer schedule which has Fantillusion on the itinerary daily at 10.30 pm and the fireworks at 11.00 pm. Isn’t it to bright if they move both one hour ahead? Well, it shouldn’t as the days are already getting shorter daily. On the first day of the summer season sunset in Paris will be at 9.57 pm and (civil) twilight (the time during which no artificial lighting is required for outdoor activities) is scheduled to end at 10.38 pm, so 8 minutes after(!) the scheduled start of Fantillusion. On the other hand on August 24, the Robinson Treehouse at Nightfirst day with a scheduled 10.00 pm closing of the Disneyland Park, sunset in Paris is at 8.49 pm (so more than an hour earlier than on July 4) and (civil) twilight ends at 9.22 pm – which would mean 8 minutes prior to the starting time of Fantillusion (if Fantillusion and the Enchanted Fireworks) are both scheduled one hour earlier than during the rest of the summer season (and both times keep moving earlier during the week). In other words: even so the Disneyland Park closes an hour earlier in the final week of August, if both Fantillusion and Enchanted Fireworks are scheduled one hour earlier than in the rest of the summer season it will be darker at the time they take place than during the first week of the summer season! To check sunrise, sunset and twilight hours in August for yourself take a look at, which was used to prepare this post as well.

Considering the facts about sunset / twilight in the final week of August and the unchanged press releases it seems reasonable to expect the full extended entertainment program to continue till August 30 – but for sure we will only know once the resort officially releases the entertainment schedule for the summer season, which hopefully will happen in the next days … and we will certainly let you know as soon as we learn about it!

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  1. Mrs K Harwood says:

    I do hope the fireworks are on for the last week of the Summer holidays, as we have booked a 5 day break here for our 2 children for their birthdays. And, we also planned this around the fireworks and fantilusion. I would be happy if they moved it back an hour so we don’t miss out, otherwise it would be a huge dissapointment.

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