A Battle of animated stars: Goofy vs. Tarzan

TarzanOnce the final performance of “Tarzan, the show” in Frontierland’s Chaparral Theater on the final day of the summer season 2008 had closed rumors sprang up that with that performance the show had actually been closed for good. The fact that the extra good-bye performance of the cast was way more elaborate than in the past – including even streamers being shot out – was one of the indicators cited by fans. With the spring season these rumors become more substantial but till today the resort has not officially stated that Tarzan will not return – even so all statements on the various fan boards online – including those by cast members – do indicate that Tarzan closed after 7 years. So the logic question was: what show will come in as a replacement?

For months there was nothing – not even a rumor heard about the replacement. Till now. Recent rumors from several sources indicate, that a show called “Goofy’s Summer Camp” will take over the Chaparral Theater for the summer season (and only for the summer season, so early July till late August). The show is supposed to be an all new production starring Goofy and additional Disney characters (rumored to include Chip ‘n’ Dale) in (as the title says) a summer camp engaging in the various typical camp activities – Goofy offering his unique approach as known from the Goofy “How To” series of animated shorts for comic relief. One of the center pieces of the show is supposed to be guest participation in the various camp activities. No word yet on the set to be created for the show. But don’t be too surprised to find it being a camp with a log cabin in the mountains – allowing for an easier transition to the set for “Mickey’s Winter Wonderland” for the winter season. More on the rumored new show as soon as it becomes available…

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  1. Studio1 says:

    It’s about time that Tarzan got replaced but hope this years cheap alterations for a Summer show will help entertainments have a bigger budget for a totally new show in 2010. How about Toy Story from DCA California, Aladdin From California, Nemo From DAK Florida or a show which is not as well known from Hong Kong or Tokyo

  2. Christian says:

    What a poor replacement for the professional Tarzan Show. It’s really a pitty that the cancel The Lion King Show and Tarzan in one season without a real replacement in terms of quality!

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