DLRP attacked over Foie Gras

Animal activists for several years already campaign against “Foie Gras” – a French speciality created out of the goose and duck liver that has been specifically fattened. This fattening is frequently accomplished through force-feeding of the animal – considered cruelty against the animals by animal activists, who therefore campaign against this typical French delicacy.

In the recent days several blogs (including antikewldaily and cartoon brew) posted an animated short created on behalf of Wakker Dier (a Dutch activist group) attacking Disneyland Resort Paris over its offering Foie Gras, which is available in selected restaurants on property, such as The Steakhouse (in the Disney Village) and The California Grill (in the Disneyland Hotel). However, the short was actually already released on December 17, 2007 – so this is not a current or recent activity. Nevertheless, the recent posts on blogs has brought the topic back into at lest parts of the internet discussion.

Whatever one thinks about the campaign against Foie Gras and them singleing out the Disneyland Resort Paris – the animated short is technically well done and impressive. The short showcases the “production” of Fois Gras in cartoon style next to an stylized Sleeping Beauty Castle emplyoing characters clearly resembling famous Disney stars.

You can find the full animated short below the jump…

Please note: even so the short features cutish animation, backdrops and characters created to resemble Disney characters it also features violence against animals in cartoon style.

Wakkerdier from Jurjen Bosklopper on Vimeo

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