Cars Returning Home (Update: Happy April’s Fool Day)

cars-in-studios1The new parade in the Walt Disney Studios hasn’t started yet when the news comes to us that the Star’n’Cars parade will only last for 1 season. After the 2009 Summer season most of the cars will  return to its original location in Walt Disney World. It looks like the cars will be used over there for a new good morning parade. The parade will be similar to the Disney Stars and Motor Cars that premiered on 1 October 2001 as part of the 100 Years of Magic Celebration, but it will be in a shorter form. It is unclear why this decision has been made, or when it was made, but our very reliable source said that once the summer season is oven Disney will start shipping most of the cars back.

Did you noticed we said “most”. Not all cars will be returned as the Hollywood Studios new morning parade will feature a couple of new cars. The cars left behind in Paris however are not enough for a full daytime parade. Our source could not give any information on what cars would stay in Paris but mentioned that those staying in DLRP will be used inside the Studios park for other purposes. This could be to drive characters around the park, something already done with Mickey Mouse on some occasions. It is unclear if the guest in Disneyland Resort Paris will have to go to the Studios without a new parade in 2010. Once we know more you’ll find it here on the news blog.

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  1. […] Disneyland Resort Paris new Star’n’Cars will be the new parade for the Walt Disney Studios. The cars from the parade come from Disney Hollywood Studios’ Disney Star and Motor Cars parade. The new Walt Disney Studios Parade however will not last very long as the cars will return back to Walt Disney World next season. They will be used for the new morning parade in Disney’s Hollywood Studios as from next season leaving the Paris Studios without a parade again. There is no information on why this decision has been made. (More on […]

  2. Studio1 says:

    If this is true and not an april fools joke then this could be good for WDS Park in some respects as it may provide a better budget for other Park entertainment.

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