Getting ready for April and beyond!

studiosshop1There is a lot of work going on at Disneyland Resort Paris to get the two parks ready for the April holidays and the summer season. The central Plaza stage is ready and so are the Stitch dance platforms, even with the problems mentioned in previous news. But there is enough other things that still needs to get ready. At Start Tours the main entrance is blocked off. Guest need to enter it between the fences and the Constellations shop, making it a narrow place for those trying to enter the attraction, leaving it, or for those shopping.

In Adventureland, just across the Hakuna Matata Restaurant, CafĂ© de la Brousse has been scaffolded for a while now. The bland scaffolding around this small takeaway isn’t very nice for the eye, so one hopes this locations restauration will be done soon. In Frontierland the work at the Last Chance Cafe seems to be done. It was surprising to see some work done here as the cafe seems to be closed all the time, but maybe Disney might be considering opening it a lot more then in the past. We will have to wait and see.

In the Walt Disney Studios there is still a big scaffolding around the front entrance of Studio 1. Inside the park itself the back of Toon Studios, next to the Tram tour is fenced off. This area will not be ready for the summer season. Here preparation takes place for the three new attractions guest can expect to open in the future. The three new attractions for this Toy Story Playland (Slinky the Dog, RC Racers and the Army Men Parachute Drop) will make the Studios even more kids friendly, something that was missing when it first opened. (you can follow the topic at our forum here).

One big change took place in the Walt Disney Studio Store in the Front Lot. At the back of the store the counter near the entrance has been moved to the back end of the shop, leaving room fore one extra entrance door at that side of the shop. Inside the shop the former Pin Trading station is still blocked of. It is to be expected that this area will find a whole new purpose as the Studios already has a new dedicated pin shop. The shop has also changed their set up. What used to be a clothing section in the front has now changed to more kid orientated items like your regular plush. A smaller clothing section is now available at the far end of the shop.

Just outside the studios, at the Ticket booths, a part is also being refurbished. One can only hope they are doing some highly needed repairs on the pathway that is in an unfortunate bad state.

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