Guest Info

Guest Info

Basic information, insider tips, all those little but important ingredients to plan your trip to Disneyland Paris perfectly - here you can find them!

If it's your first trip or if you've already lost counts, visiting Disneyland Resort Paris tips will make your trip even more relaxing when going prepared. Find out on how to get to DLRP, either by car, train, coach or plane. The best and easiest choices are shared here.

Pick the Passport or Annual Passport that is the correct one for you. Annual Passport will give guests some extras like discounts for shopping and restaurants among some other fun things. Find out how to use your Passport to get a FastPass to avoid long lines at the many wonderful attractions inside the park

Need some info on camping? Check out the special dedicated page where you can put up your caravan or tent. Or the do you need to avoid allergic reactions from food? Visit our dedicated Dietitians page to see how Disneyland Resort Paris can help you there.

Shareholders might want to check out our Shareholders Club page. Here you'll find anything you need to know on special deals, ticket discounts and the shareholders club.

Contact Disney to book your trip direct or to ask any other question you need to get answered before your next trip.

Disneyland Resort Paris is truly the magical place for everybody. Find out how DLRP will help all guest with special needs on the Disabled Guests page.

Ready for your next trip? Enjoy the magic...