Tips... to make your stay even more magical!

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Booking / Make reservations
The easiest way to book holidays for the DLP is to book directly over their telephone booking office. The cast members on the phone can provide you with any information that is needed to book a wonderful stay in resort. A little disadvantage : Sometimes you can start to book holidays earlier if you book at your travel agent. If you want to travel by train or plane it may be easier to book over a travel agent. Your national booking number can be found on our contact page!

The Disneyland Resort Paris offers it's own camping-site as a part of the Davy Crocket Ranch and in addition offers the possibility to stay overnight with motor caravans on the the main parking area of the themeparks. For more information take a look at our special page.

Money can be exchanged at different locations throughout the park and the Disney Village as well as the hotel receptions. But avoid changing small amounts to often as the exchange fee is not dpending on the amount exchanged! It is cheaper to use your credit-card or EC-Card to get money.

The resort offers a wide range of restaurants for all tastes and all budgets. Most of them in the theme parks are reaching capacity during the busy lunch hours. If you don't want to reschedule your lunch you can avoid the longest lines if you take the five minute walk to the Disney Village (or even the Disney Hotels) where especially during lunch time rarely any restaurant has any waiting times (this is ture only for lunch time and for tinner time before the theme parks close).
For table service restaurants a reservation is recommended. In fact if you want to have lunch or dinner in one of the table service restaurants inside the theme parks or if you want to have dinner in a table service restaurant anywhere else in the resort a reservation is necessary.
Restaurant reservations can be placed through the concierge of your Disney Hotel, at the City Hall in the Disneyland Park, at the Reservation Counter in Studio 1 at the WDS, directly at the restaurants or by calling (France)160456045.

The Disneyland Resort Paris accepts the usual creditcards for payment - these are American Express, EuroCard / MasterCard and Carte Bleue / Visa. With all of these payment in the resort, in the shops and restaurants of the theme parks and the Disney Village - with the exception of the small food and snack stands -, in the hotels, on the DLP-direct-hotline and at the DLP-mail-order-service is possible. One last tip: to avoid being billed for every receipt paid with the credit card at DLP on it's own and instead get only the totaled sum billed in one procession DLP offers it's hotel-guests a "hotel credit card".

Hotel-Identity-Card & Hotel-Credit-Card
All guests staying in one of the Disney-hotels in the resort are handed a hotel-identity-card at the check-in (one per each party / room). That one is used to identify you as a hotel-guest if there are some special offers for hotel-guests, e.g. reduced ticket-prices for Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (those offers are usually only valid if the tickets are bought at the information-desk in the hotel-lobby), or early entry into the them parks (ask for that at the check-in or the information-desk of your hotel). You will also need to show it to the castmember at the entrance to the themepark-parking-lot, which you may use without any fee as an hotel-guest, or if you want to send the items you bought in the shops of the parks direct to your hotel. At your hotel it is necessary to be granted access to the swimming pool or the fitness centre (if your hotel has one), while it gives free access to the Hurricanes nightclub at the Disney Village. The hotel-idendity-card together with a valid themepark-passports also guarantees you admission to the parks, even if the gates have been closed because they have reached full capacity.
If you have a credit card and plan to use it for shopping or dining in the resort, ask to replace the hotel-identity-card with a hotel-credit-card during your check-in. The castmember will then take a "copy" of your credit-card, write down it's number and reprint your hotel-identity-card which you need to sign. You then may show this card at all restaurants and shops (except for Planet Hollywood, Rainforest Cafe, McDonald's, the Tourism Kiosk, the Gaumont Cinemas, the Lucie Saint-Clair Hair Salon and the "Chariots Gourmands") and pay your bills with it till 11.00 am on your departure day. Disneyland Paris will bill the complete amount of all your expenses in one sum onto your credit card which saves you the extra fee for foreign credit card payments most credit card companies usually add.

Foreign languages
If you go to DLP an you are concerned about not speaking French, you can assured that nearly every cast member will speak at least English as an additional language. Most of the cast members will be speak one or more other languages, too. You can see at their golden tags besides their name tags which languages they are speaking! Most of the attraction do not need language and if so, they are mostly bi- or multi-lingual.

Taking photos at Disneyland Park / Walt Disney Studios
For sure guests want to preserve their impressions during their holidays and maybe show to some of their friends or relatives. The five lands of the Disneylan Park and the five areas of the Walt Disney Studios offer a wide range of wonderful settings worth making a photo, but if you are not sure from which point of view you can make a great picture just look out for the "Point Photo"-signs. Don't hesitate to ask a castmember to make the photo with your camera if you want to join your friends and family on the picture. At the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios the oppurtunity is offered to get a picture taken with you and a Disney Character by a professional photographer at several occasions all through the day (for further information, like location and time, take a look at the entertainment program handed out to all guests at the entrance or at the City Hall / Studio Services - you can pick up the pictures later on the same day at Town Square Photography for the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios Store for the studios. Town Square Photography and the shop Studio Photo at the WDS also offer a two-hour-express-development for your pictures. Please note: flashlight-photography is prohibited inside all attractions, as is filming. In some attractions all photography is prohibited (please refer to the signs at the entrance of each attraction for more accurate information). Two of the most photographed events in the Disneyland Park are the Mainstreet Electrical Light Parade and the fireworks display - to get the best pictures at these two occasions switch the flash off (if possible or put something in front of it) and instead prolong the time of exposure. At Town Square Photography (and most specialized photo-stores all around the world) special films for nighttime-picture-taking are sold, with which you will get even better results (but these are quiet expensive).

The right season: Summer or Winter?
Which season should you choose for your trip? The parks of course are more beautiful in the summer month than in the winter (except Xmas time). In the spring and summer month there are more flowers and trees are greener: Also in the summer month the opening times of the park are longer and in the high season (mid July - End of August) you can see a beautiful firework every evening. But there are also by far bigger crowds in the summer!

Even if you don't like Disney merchandise, make sure that you take at least a look in all the shops! All of them are wonderfully designed and worth a visit! Each shop is a little adventure itself...

The best time for shopping at theme parks are the morning hours, as the shops are less crowded then. The crowds inside the stores grow with each hour approaching the closure of the themeparks; although the shops on the Mainstreet USA / in Studio 1 and on the Frontlot of the studios are slightly longer open than the official operating hours of the themepark would suggest, they are terribly crowded by then. So better shop throughout the day (or, if you can't find any time, do your shopping at Disney Village or the Hotel-boutiques - you can find most of the souvenirs sold inside the parks also in one of these shops) - if you make your shopping before 05.00 pm don't forget to take advantage of the free Disneyland Resort Paris shopping service: your items will either be send directly to your hotel (if you stay at a Disneyland Resort Paris Hotel) or be stored at the Shopping Service in teh Disney Village (inside the Disney Store) free of any extra charge! So why should you carry the bags all the day long with you?
A quiet frequent question is, whether it is possible to obtain any DLP-items or souvenirs at a Disney Store near you - unfortunately it is not, there is only a special Disney-shop at the Val d'Europe shopping mall which stocks DLP-products! But DLP has it's own division to solve your problem, if you forgot to buy a certain item at DLP or want to get the newest items before your next visit: at EuroDisney S.C.A. Service Clientèle Produits it's possible to order all items sold inside the themepark, Disney Village and the hotel-stores with a simple phone-call or fax-message! More information and the telephone numbers to place your orders can be found in the tips&infos-section. You may also may make a posting on our Forum-boards and ask if one of the DLP-Fans traveling to DLP would be so kind to get your items for you during his next visit.

Take your time
Some people always say that it is possible to do the whole park in two days. Of course you can do all the attractions in two day but your stay will be very stressing if you do so and you will miss most of the magic that the parks provide! Disneyland (especially Disneyland) and the Studios are by far more than the number of its attractions it is a very charming place without surprises and wonderful things nearly everywhere. Use our guide to find out what attractions are the most important for you and always keep your eyes open for the small things and the wonderful details.

To avoid the biggest queues try to do the major attractions at noon, late in the evenings or during the parades. The parks are less crowded during the week than o the weekends. Of course the crowds are also bigger during the holiday season!