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Special dietary requirements that go further than a vegetarian diet, that all table service restaurants of the Disneyland Resort Paris have ready on their menu, can easily transform what should be another highlight of the holiday, the refreshing breakfast, the relaxing lunch or the splendid dinner, into an ordeal. Certainly the chefs at all table service restaurants will create a wonderful dish according to the special dietary needs if requested – but this can mean long waiting times, especially during peak periods in the restaurants, and lengthy discussions with the waiting staff and management to convince them. Not to mention the limitation the chef itself has to work under due to time and ingredient constraints – only to learn that maybe you could have eaten a certain dish from the menu as it would have fulfilled the dietary requirements unknown to the guest himself and his waiter.

But guests of the Disneyland Resort Paris do not need to prepare themselves for any of these ordeals or even carry their own food along – thanks to Disney’s Dietitians. These special trained castmembers make sure that every need of guests with special dietary requirements is met and a diverse choice of meals is offered. All the guest needs to do is contact Disney’s Dietitians at the Resort prior to his arrival by phone or e-mail and inform them about his special dietary requirements for medical reasons. The dietitians will then make sure that his Disney Hotel offers the guest a breakfast according to the rules of the guest’s diet and will also prepare a list of items listed on the menus of the resort’s restaurants that the guest is allowed to enjoy according to his diet. This list and a special ID card / voucher for his breakfast at the Disney Hotel will be waiting for him with the concierge for the check-in.

The dietitians will go out of their way to help with special needs and requests – all the way to e.g. special dietary birthday cakes. In fact they are happy to make reservations for the guest and his party at any restaurant in the Resort in advance. In such a case they will even convene with the restaurant’s chef, so that he will prepare a special meal according to the dietary requirements. Disney’s chefs are well known for coming up with the most surprising and outstanding menus on such occasions using their high skills to dream up all new creations. If the guest chooses to make restaurant reservations in advance, a process during which the castmembers are also assisting with information about the different restaurants, their themeing, atmosphere and style, he will find a complete overview of the reservations with the concierge upon his check-in. Restaurant reservations and preparations of special meals through Disney’s Dietitians can also be made during the actual visit of the Disneyland Resort Paris – but the rule here is the later such a special request is made the shorter the preparation time for the chefs becomes, so it is in the guests own interest to make such requests before his actual visit, as he might get limited in his choice otherwise. Even so no guest with special dietary requirements was left without food thanks to the ever inventive and helpful team of Disney’s Dietitians.

Still the procedure of advance restaurant reservations not only allows the chefs more time to come up with special meals resulting in a unique experience for the guest, but also gives the guest the opportunity to influence this process by stating his preferences to Disney’s Dietitians. As the guest’s information is kept on file by the dietitians, they do not only make sure that during a visit different meals are served at the different restaurants, allowing the guest to experience different styles fitting the restaurants just as guests choosing from the set menu. Even further the dietitiatns will go to length to provide changing menus upon return visits to the Resort.

The service of Disney’s Dietitians is free of any charge as is the breakfast meeting the special dietary requirements. Meals at the Resort’s restaurants are charged at normal prices of these restaurants. To let them make Your next visit to the resort a journey to the world of culinary fairy tales despite yur dietary needs contact them now at:

Tel. (33) (1) 64 74 39 78
Tel. (33) (1) 64 74 39 61