Welcome in Main Street, U.S.A.

Main Street, USA

Main Street, USA

Main Street, USA

Let the magic of Disneyland begin once you enter the park through Main Street U.S.A.

Main Street, U.S.A.

Guests are transported back in time to a recreation of a turn of the century small town American street. Based on Walt Disney's own memories of growing up around this time in Chicago Illinois Main Street USA is beautifully detailed in every aspect.

Before continuing traveling down Main Street U.S.A. guests can visit City Hall to pick up some guide maps schedule list or to make some lunch and dinner reservations. Outside City Hall the magic can begin with a ride on the Horse Drawn Streetcars or one of the Main Street Vehicles. Riding along Main Street U.S.A. or taking a relaxing stroll, both ways will make guest pass the beautifully themed shops and restaurants. The smell of freshly backed cookies, the beautiful window displays of the shops and the colourful houses are the beginning of your trip into the magical park.

Behind the shops guest also have the choice to explore the Liberty Arcade, where pictures and artifacts trace the history of the Statue of Liberty, including a Tableau recreates the dedication of the statue. Discovery Arcade, on the opposite side, looks at inventions and the way in which they shape our life on how visionaries of the past envision the future we are now living in.

At the furthest end of the street guests arrive at the very heart of the park "Central Plaza". Situated here are the gateways to all of the other lands at Disneyland Paris. Guests may choose to enter the wild west, Outer space, the deepest jungle or the pages of a story book.