Boutiques in Main Street U.S.A.


Main Street U.S.A. Is the place to be for all the shop-a-holics visiting the resort. It's the first land you enter when you visit the park and it will be the last one you'll visit when you leave the park. With all this traffic going trough this land it's the perfect place to have some shops. So it is no surprise Disney added a whole collection of shops in Main Street U.S.A., enough to keep you busy for hours. That's of course if you like shopping. It's the perfect place to find the Disney items you want for yourself, the present you need to take home, or that little extra gift for the little once.


The biggest store inside the Disneyland Park, Emporium offers something for all Disney visitors. Take home a memory... [...more]

Lilly's BoutiqueLilly's Boutique

A place full of beautiful porcelains for you kitchen and your bathroom an be found in this small shop on Main Street U.S.A... [...more]

Disney & Co.

Let's go to the fair grounds and take home some of the wonderful toys and plush after a day of fun and games... [...more]

The Storybook Store

A store full of Disney story books with Tigger as your magical host in this fantastic little gem right next to City Hall... [...more]

Disney Clothiers Ltd

Located in the middle part of Main Street U.S.A., a store full of amazing Disney clothing for adults, children and baby's... [...more]

Plaza East Boutique

Make it your first or last chance to shop inside the Disneyland Park at the Plaza East Boutique just at the park entrance / Exit... [...more]

Pin Trading Super Station

Pins, pins and even more pins! If you like them and collect them, you'll find them here on the Pin Trading Cart... [...more]

Stroller Rental Station

Rent a stroller for the little once and check out some of the small selection of Disney items here too... [...more]

Town Square Photography

Digital photography is the new technology used by almost everybody, but at the Town Square Photography store guest can go back in time... [...more]

Main Street Motors

Find a selection of Disney clothings for adults in a shop decorated with parts and stuff from collectible vintage cars... [...more]

Harringtons Fine China and Porcelains

First class glass artwork, Disneyana collectibles, Disney cells and other fantastic collectibles in one location at Main Street U.S.A... [...more]

Boardwalk Candy Palace

Sweets and treats! Two words that say it all when talking about this shop full of colorful candy, chocolates, cakes and other tummy yummies!... [...more]

Ribbons and Bows Hat Shop

In the “olden” days this wonderful little boutique in Main Street U.S.A. was filled with all kinds of different hats... [...more]

Plaza West Boutique

Make it your first or last chance to shop inside the Disneyland Park at the Plaza West Boutique just at the park entrance / Exit... [...more]

Harmony Barber Shop

The Harmony Barber Shop is the right place to be for a nice trim, a new haircut, or a relaxing shave... [...more]