Lilly's Boutique

Lilly's Boutique

Lilly's Boutique

Lilly's Boutique

Lilly's Boutique

A place full of beautiful porcelains for you kitchen and your bathroom an be found in this small shop on Main Street U.S.A.

Lilly's Boutique is a small shop that corners around the main entrance of Walt's, An American Restaurant with an entrance at both Main Street U.S.A. And Flower Street. The shop is decorated with nice wall paper and has wooden cabinets and tables filled with the Disney porcelains and glass work. The main decoration however are the many photographs from Lilly and Walt.

In the shop guest will find a selection of plates, kitchenware, mugs, glasses and cups for the kitchen or dining rooms and also a selection of soap dispensers, soap dishes and other items for the bathroom.


Take some time to look at the pictures on the wall, including one of Lilly, Walt and an early Mickey Mouse Plush.


  • Opening Times: Open during regular park opening hours


Lilly's Boutique has been opened since 1999 when it took over what used to be the ground floor for Walt's, An American Restaurant.

The Boutique is an ode to Walt's wife, Lillian (Lilly).

Lilly's Boutique is connected with an open door to the Disney and Co store next to it. votings

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