Restaurants on Main Street, U.S.A.

Main Street, U.S.A. Offers a selection of eateries for everybody. From an elegant experience in a unique setting featuring historic Disney artwork, to hot dog and fries in counter service locations as well as snack such as ice cream or fresh backed goods and sweets...

Main Street, U.S.A. Is the home for one of the most magical restaurants inside Disneyland; the “Walts an American Restaurant”. The restaurant offers guest an culinary experience in one of the rooms decorated in Disney Park styles inspired by the lands. Guest who like to have a taste of many different foods are being welcomed at Plaza Gardens Restaurant. This restaurants offers a buffet of starters, main courses and desserts.

Hot Dogs and fries can be found in the very popular Casey's Corner, a small counter service dedicated to one of American's most dedicated sports, baseball. Sandwiches, Pizza's, croque-monsieur and salades are on the Victorias Home Style Restaurant menu as well as on the very simular Market House Deli menu

Guest who like a sweet or a cookie might want to visit the Cookie Kitchen or the Cable Car Bake Shop, while the Coffee Grinder is the right place for a hot drink. Or visit one of the two Ice Cream locations to cool down during hot simmer days. Both the Ice Cream Company and the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor will make many children very happy... and a lots of adult too...

Walts an American Restaurant

Dine at the finest restaurant on Mainstreet with the unique atmosphere and superb cuisine dedicated to Walt Disney [...more]

Plaza Gardens Restaurant

A beautiful restaurants at Central Plaza with its Victorian décor offers a buffet with a good selection, that pleases everyone [...more]

Victorias Home Style Restaurant

A nice restaurant with the relaxing charm of a small bed-and-breakfast offering a number of tasty snacks [...more]

Casey's Corner

All American Hot Dogs and all American Baseball! The perfect combination of two American icons for everybody to enjoy [...more]

Cookie Kitchen

For everyone who likes a sweet snack, The cookie kitchen offers cookies, muffins and brownies [...more]

Cable Car Bake Shop

Get a nice piece of cake from this small bakery, dedicated to the world famous West Coast's trademark of San Francisco [...more]

Market House Deli

Old fashioned grocery store with delicatessen on the shelves. Offers sandwiches and other great tasty snacks [...more]

The Coffee Grinder

The perfect place to go for a quick cup of hot steaming coffee and a small but very delicious sweet and tasty treat [...more]

The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour

Delight yourself with some ice cream at this beautiful parlour from your grandfather's childhood-days [...more]

The Ice Cream Company

Enjoy some ice cream or sorbet in a range of colorful and delicious flavors [...more]