Walts an American Restaurant


Dine at this fine restaurant with its unique atmosphere and superb cuisine, which is dedicated to the achievements of Walt Disney

On the left hand side of Main Street you will find Waltz, the restaurant devoted to Walt Disney himself.

The façade is carrying a warm, welcoming yellow color, inviting guest to come in and enjoy the beautiful restaurant. The restaurant is located on two floors. The lower floor welcomes the guest and prepares them for the dining experience that will take place in one of the rooms on the first floor. Those rooms are decorated and themed like the lands of the park itself.

Before going to the dining area guest can gaze at the treasures that are being shared, many showing memories of Walt Disney.

Once guests are ready to go up they are placed in one of the special decorated room, all which represent a land of the park

Discoveryland; One of the most beautiful rooms from the restaurant looks like the interior of a room from captain Nemo’s Nautilus. Everything, up to the smallest detail, looks fantastic.

Frontierland; The room looks like an elegant library, including a beautiful fireplace giving the place a warm feeling.

Fantasyland; This part of the restaurant has been given a gothic style.

Adventureland; Where guest can enjoy there wonderful food lost in an oasis.

The food in the restaurant is of high quality. In this beautiful restaurant guests have the choice from wonderful American and International specialties but also completes it menu with specialties found in other Disneyland table service restaurant. The food is a delight for the eye, and a pleasure for the taste buds. The experience can be enhanced with a nice bottle of wine picked from a great selection.


When placed near a window during a Parade you’ll have a great view upon it.

Reservations is an absolute must.


  • Service: Table service
  • Food: american & international food
  • Priceclass: Priceclass 4 (of 5)

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