Main Street, U.S.A.: Attractions

Main Street, U.S.A is a pleasantly busy road right into the heart of the magic. Enjoy it with a stroll down one of the arcades and learn some of America's history or enjoy the views with a ride on one of the oldtimers. But don't forget to pick up your map from City Hall before you board the train from Main Street Station towards your next adventure...

Main Street StationMain Street Station

Hurry, otherwise you might miss your train! And then: relax on this scenic railroad ride with real steam-engines around the Disneyland Park [...more]

Main Street VehiclesMain Street Vehicles

Enjoy a wonderful ride in one of the beautiful and genuine oldtimers, all the way down the road of Main Street, U.S.A. [...more]

Statue of Liberty TableauStatue of Liberty Tableau

Be on-site for the dedication ceremony of New York's Statue of Liberty, the gift from France to the United States [...more]

City HallCity Hall

Park maps, information, hotel and restaurant reservation, money exchange, guided tours, pretty much all you may need to inquire about and organize - this is the place for it [...more]

Horse-Drawn StreetcarsHorse-Drawn Streetcars

A gentle ride down Main Street, U.S.A. to the beautiful Sleeping Beauty Castle, in genuine streetcars drawn by mighty horses [...more]

Liberty ArcadeLiberty Arcade

Learn about the creation, the artist and the many builders of New York's Statue of Liberty and its connection with France [...more]

Discovery ArcadeDiscovery Arcade

Take a look at the inventions of the past that helped shape the world we are part of today, and gaze at a future that never was [...more]

Dapper Dan's Hair CutsDapper Dan's Hair Cuts

Get your hair cut and your beard trimmed in the old style - a true treat for all male who want to enjoy a relaxing moment in Main Street, U.S.A. [...more]