City Hall

City Hall

City Hall

City Hall

City Hall

Park maps, information, hotel and restaurant reservation, money exchange, guided tours, pretty much all you may need to inquire about and organize - this is the place for it...

City Hall can be found on Town Square at the left hand side just behind the Main Street Station. This beautiful building is especially appealing during night time when it is lit up.

It is the perfect place to start your Disneyland trip as you can get very organized here. Park maps are available inside the building or, when the weather allows it, a Cast Member will have park maps available on a cart just outside the building.

Inside, at the main desk, Cast members are available to help you get ready for a day of fun. Here you can book your restaurants, get informed on show or get help for any other inquiry. City Hall is also the location where Cast Members will be able to help with lost items. Happy guests can also provide feedback about their visit here. Or, in case there was a problem, complaints can be filled here too.

In the lobby you will also find some real Disney gems. One of these interesting items is a plaque given by the Cast Members from Tokyo Disneyland to celebrate the opening of “Euro Disney”. This beautiful gift has “congratulations” written on it in three different languages (English, French and Japanese). On the walls behind the main desk you'll also find some amazing pictures of the park during the time it was being build. The pictures are a birds view perspective and are well worth a visit to City Hall. There is also a very beautiful old style Euro Disneyland map on the wall. This map can be found right behind the main desk. City Hall has a couple of small meeting rooms where special artwork from the park are hanging on the wall. These rooms are not publicly accessible. You can only visit these rooms when you're invited in and case you need to talk to a manager regarding a more personal issue.


Direct phone number to City Hall is (+33 1) 60 30 60 30

At City Hall you can book your special Disneyland Park tour. These tours take a couple of hours but are a nice addition to a fans visit of the park. The tour is the only way where you'll be able to see the Star Tours simulators in action from a special viewing room. Early booking is recommended.


  • General Park Information
  • Park Maps
  • Show information
  • Dining reservation
  • Lost and Found (+33 1) 64 74 25 00
  • Information point for Disabled Guests
  • Waitingtime: Waitingtime: 1 of 5


Unlike the US Disney parks you will not find a Fire Station on the left hand side. Instead there is the shop “Storybook Store


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