Foods of the Wild West

Every hungry cowboy needs some good food after encountering the many wild adventures in the Wild West...

Meet the Disney characters inside The Lucky Nugget Saloon while enjoying a Tex Mex buffet style lunch or enjoy a fast lunch in Frontierland's Silver Spur Steakhouse. Get a little adventurous with a different offering at the counter service Fuente Del Oro Restaurante.

Guest can also walk all the way to the back of Frontierland and visit Cowboy Cookout Barbecue for some chicken or pork while enjoying some live country style music.

Don't travel on without a visit to the Last Chance Cafe...

Silver Spur Stakehouse

Dine like the richest cattle owners of the good old west at Thunder Mesa's finest address in the heart of Frontierland [...more]

Cowboy Cookout Barbecue

Enjoy a delicious barbecue (grilled chicken and pork ribs), chili as well as hamburgers in a Wild West barn [...more]

The Lucky Nugget Saloon

Sit down in this authentic Wild West-Saloon with its tex-mex buffet. The Disney characters are waiting for yout [...more]

Fuente Del Oro Restaurante

Get a taste of Mexico with a selection of fajitas, chili and quesadillas at this hašienda right across from the famous mines [...more]

Last Chance Cafe

A quick snack at this tex-mex style cafe in the heart of Thunder Mesa [...more]