Cowboy Cookout Barbecue


Enjoy a delicious barbecue (grilled chicken and pork ribs), chili as well as hamburgers in a Wild West barn.

Situated at the far end of Frontierland, guests will find the Cowboy Cookout Barbecue, the largest restaurant in the area contained within a beautifully designed barn, which offers a delicious chili as well as barbecue food.

The Cowboy Cookout Barbecue restaurant is the place to be when you want to meet some of Disney's and Pixar's most beloved characters. The restaurant welcomes Woody and his friends from Toy Story to meet and greet the guests. Woody is also bringing some other famous friend. Mickey himself is also a guest of honor at the restaurant. Guests who want to meet the characters will need to come and eat at the Cowboy Cookout. Several menu's are available, including a child Menu.

Still want to meet the characters but don't want the meal? Visit the restaurant late afternoon for a special characters tea party. Guests will be served coffee, tea or another drink with a selection of sweets. The same characters will be there to welcome the visitors at their tea party.

The Cowboy Cookout Barbecue is a wonderfully atmospheric restaurant; during the holiday season the cosy interior is decorated with garlands, a Christmas tree and on occasion live western music. In the summer the doors open wide and the smell of the Barbecue drift out across Frontierland enticing people in.




  • Service: Counter service
  • Food: Chicken, spare ribs, chili, burger, fries
  • Priceclass: Priceclass 2 (of 5)


Story has it that on special occasions the folks from Thunder Mesa would all come together for a party. Everyone would meet in the large barn bringing with them some tables and chairs from their own home (that’s why nothing matches). Once here they would spend the day enjoy tasty BBQ ribs, chicken and spicy chilli (which is reputedly the best in the whole resort). votings

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