River Rogue Keelboats

River Rogue Keelboats

River Rogue Keelboats

River Rogue Keelboats

River Rogue Keelboats

Take a journey around the beautiful Rivers of the Far West in Frontierland aboard one of the small River Rogue Keelboats.

Hidden among the pine woods close to the Country Cookout Barbecue and the Cottonwood Creek Ranch the river pirates have made themselves at home in the Smuggler's Cove. To find their secret harbor turn to the left from the main walkway and head toward Pocahontas' Indian Village. Shortly before the Indian Village opposite an abandoned pueblo building a small path seems to lead to a dark hut ... the secret hideout of the river pirates, famous for smuggling prohibited cargo such as moonshine over the Rivers of the Far West.

Lucky guests may be asked to join the river pirates on their next smuggling run on board of one of the two River Rogue Keelboats: the "Racoon" or the "Coyote". Each of the small riverboats (just 12 meter long) offers approximately 40 guests seating on the water level or on a top deck several meter above the rivers. While guests on the top deck are seated on two long benches, with the back to the railing of the boats, guests on the lower level are seated in three compartments each offering two benches, one facing toward the stern and one twoard the bow of the boats. On both levels guests are much closer to the nature and the Rivers of the Far West than on the majestic steamers plying the same water ways, offering a different, more lively experience.

The keelboats sneak out of the Smuggler's cove into the main rivers where they happily criss cross the rivers and the path of the steamboats steered by a cast member standing at the stern of the boats and introducing guests to the sights along the shores and the plentiful wildlife. Every trip around the Rivers of the Far West on board of the Keelboats takes about 10 minutes and is slightly different as the boats have no pre-set path.

Soon after embarking on their boat trip guest can get a close look at the cascading waters on the Wilderness Island before passing Settler's Landing (those stacked boxes look enticing to a river pirate ...). Hidden in the lush vegetation on the shores past the landing guests can - with a bit of luck - spot a moose and its calve hiding. Further up a close look to the picturesque rock formations around the "Rainbow Arch" awaits and maybe a misty encounter with the faithfull geysers next to the boothill whose secrets are revealed along the shores where the water is gnawing away on the old graves.

For the final part of the trip guests glide through the foreboding shadow of Phantom Manor, closer to the small river islands in front of Big Thunder Mountain to keep distance between the smugglers and the prying eyes of the sheriff of Thunder Mesa, whose bustling life can be seen from the boats as well. Soon enough the smuggling run ends as the keelboats return to Smuggler's Cove, passing by the stash of loot the irver pirates have spirited away in the cove.

While the majestic riverboats offer a relaxing trip on the Rivers of the Far West the River Rogue Keelboats take guests on a lively, suprising, to some degree faster trip along the same rivers offering a new, different perspective. Compared to the steamer the keelboats offer the more rustic experience as they glide over the waters, ducking away before the steamers, close to the island and rocks, just in case the Sheriff shows up...


Due to the small capacity of the River Rogue Keelboats queues can build up early after the attraction opens it doors. However due to its hidden location mostly stay manageable. Nevertheless the keelboats are perfect for hot summer days as the queue is located in the shade of the pine trees and the wind on the boat certainly cools guests down during the trip.

Please note: the River Rogue Keelboats frequently open only after the rest of Frontierland. In any case the last trips will return to Smuggler's Cove before dusk and due to the nature of the ride and the limited protection against the forces of nature the oepration is depending on weather conditions in any case.

Guests with limited time interested in exporing the Rivers of the Far West may want to consider boarding one of the majestic steamers at Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing. While the trip onboard of these takes roughly five minutes longer the capacity of these is much larger and therefore waiting times are shorter.


  • Ride Time: About 10 minutes
  • Capacity: 40 passengers per boat
  • two keelboats ("Racoon" and "Coyote"), each roughly 12 meter long, diesel powered
  • Waitingtime: Waitingtime: 4 of 5


The River Rogue Keelboats are based on the Mike Fink's Keelboats at Disneyland Anaheim which also inspired the attraction of the same name at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, that was part of its opening day line-up. However, both attractions ceased operation in 1997 leaving the River Rogue Keelboats the only attraction of its kind in the Magic Kingdoms around the globe.

"Mike Fink's Keelboats" tied into the smash hit of 1955 for Walt Disney (besides the Disneyland Park): the tv-series "Davy Crockett".

In 1955, the three episodes of "Davy Crockett" that were shown on Walt Disney's "Disneyland"-tv show became a huge success with the public - which even caught Walt Disney by surprise. And soon almost every little boy in America wore a 'coon-skip cap and hummed the popular "Ballade of Davy Crockett". In the summer of the same year those episodes were combined into a feature film called "Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier".

One year later, another three episodes were shot, shown on tv and later as a single feature at the movie theatres under the title "Davy Crockett and the River Pirates". In this story, which is actually a pre-quel to the first "Crockett"-episodes (Davy Crockett died his heroic death at the Battel of Alamo in episode 3), Davy meets another legendary figure of the Old Frontier: Mike Fink, who used to travell the continent's mighty rivers. Crockett and Fink engage in a race to New Orleans and later have to fight a group of pirates, that are threatening travellers on their journey along the Mississippi.

The boats, that were used for this production, served as an inspiration for Disneyland's Keelboats and - 36 years after they had been seen on American television - finally made it to Disneyland Paris.


The River Rogue Keelboats only operate during the summer months and on selected dates in the offseason.

Wheelchair users will have to leave the wheelchair in the case of a transfer to another boat during a evacuation.

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