Phantom Manor


High above the Rivers of the Far West resides this once beautiful mansion, which houses a dark secret.

This is a Phantom Manor-Special by David G. Ravenswood. Visit his Ravenswood Manor!

At the end of Thunder Mesa Road, an old victorian manor is waiting for guests who are brave enough to set their foot on the once beautiful estate. According to legend, it was built by one of the town's founding fathers, Henry Ravenswood, and although the house has been deserted for years, the former inhabitants are said to still haunt the dark hallways of the mansion.

After reaching the front doors through the overgrown and dilapidated gardens, you are greeted by the voice of your disembodies host who asks you to step into the next room: an octagonal gallery, where you can see paintings of Mr Ravenswood's beautiful young daughter. However, things are not always as they seem, and after a while you notice a disquieting metamorphosis - or is it just your imagination?

After this experience, you walk further into the house and step into one of 130 "Doom buggies," which transports you through the far parts of the manor, and beyond! You are invited to a ghostly wedding reception that never was, and perhaps you'll discover why the house was abandoned 35 years ago...

After the ride you should take the time to explore the nearby cemetary, Boot Hill.

The European version of one of the best-loved Disney rides in the USA, the "Haunted Mansion," especially stands out because of its unique atmosphere of romantic melancholy, which is carried in large parts by the haunting and beautiful orchestral music that accompanies the guests through the house like a movie score. The music, performed by the London Chamber Orchestra, is a variation of the song "Grim Grinning Ghosts," which was written for the original Haunted Mansions and was completely rearranged for Phantom Manor. The attraction isn't a standard haunted house attraction in that it mostly refrains from simple shock effects and instead builds on said atmosphere and some impressive special effects.

Parts of this attraction are in French, but you can enjoy the ride just as much if you don't speak that language.


I would especially recommend riding in the late evening hours, since the atmosphere is increased by the darkness outside, and the "house employees" may even do an especially good job to give their guests an unforgettable experience.


  • Ride Duration: About 5½ minutes plus 2 minutes preshow
  • Number of Doombuggies: 130
  • Waitingtime: Waitingtime: 3 of 5


For all fans of Phantom Manor we highly recommend David G. Ravenswood's Ravenswood Manor. There you'll find much more photos, backgroundinfos and soundfiles.

During the Halloween-Festival not only the gardens of the Manor are treated to some extra ghostly magic but the whole ride itself ... you may look out for the pumpkins that made their way into the underworld or recognize the little devilish horns the singing busts suddenly feature or the new hat Madame Leota is sporting - and this are just a few of the many subtle changes which are crowned by live actors for the Halloween Nights.


Little children can be frightened by this attraction. votings

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