Disneyland Railroad - Frontierland Depot

Disneyland Railroad - Frontierland Depot

Disneyland Railroad - Frontierland Depot

Disneyland Railroad - Frontierland Depot

Disneyland Railroad - Frontierland Depot

Disneyland Railroad - Frontierland Depot

Disneyland Railroad - Frontierland Depot

The "wildest" of the Disneyland Railroad's four stops on its circuit around the Magic Kingdom.

Hidden away in the furthest corner of Frontierland guests, behind the Cowboy Cookout Barbecue can explore Cottonwood Creek Ranch with its historic windmill visible from deep inside Frontierland already. Amid its wide landscapes the ranch is home to three attractions: Critter Corral with Woody's Roundup Village, The Chaparral Theater, home to spectacular Disney shows - and finally the Frontierland Depot, with its authentic western structure and water tower next to the small freight area of the station, where the latest products of the ranch wait to be picked up.

Often overlooked the Frontierland Depot is one of the four stations at which guests can board the beautiful steam trains of the Disneyland Railroad circling the theme park. From this stop trains enter Adventureland, passing close to Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril and through two scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean before moving onto Fantasyland Station behind to the Fantasyland Festival Stage and onwards to Discoveryland finally calling at Main Street Station situated close to the entrance of the park before completing its circuit through the Grand Canyon diorama and returning to Frontierland Depot.

The Depot itself is considerably smaller than its Main Street U.S.A. counterpart and offers only a small undercover / indoor queuing area. However there are countless small details to keep guests occupied during the wait times. Take a look at the small office / desk of the conductor, check the scheduled arrivals and departures of today's trains (there seem to be some delays already) or take a closer look at the real telegraph machine and the last messages that arrived.

All aboard ... don't miss your train!



Most guests tend to board the train from the Main Street Station therefore lines at the Frontierland Depot (and the stations in Fantasyland as well as Discoveryland) tend to be shorter. Lines tend to grow only when a show at the Chaparral Theater next door ends. However, it should be noted, that the Frontierland Depot on most days will open only at 12.30 pm.

If you happen to be around the area when one of the four trains of the Disneyland Railroad pulls into the Frontierland Depot take a closer look at the locomotive and the water tower behind the tracks. All four locomotives are steam powered and refill their water tanks from this old western style water tower! With a bit of luck you may be able to watch the procedure.



  • Waitingtime: Waitingtime:3 of 5

  • Number of trains: 4
  • Number of stations: 4
  • Trains: "George Washington", "C.K. Holliday", "William F. Cody" & "Eureka"


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When approaching the Frontierland Depot from Cowboy Cookout Barbecue guests have to circle a small duck pond with a historic windmill located next to it. The windmill dates from 1880 and was used on a US-farm before being bought by Imagineering specifically to become part of Frontierland at the Disneyland Parc. The windmill is just one of hundreds (if not thousands) of antiqus and historic tools found throughout Frontierland.

For more information about the Disneyland Railroad and its unique history check out the guides for the remaining three stations: Main Street Station, Fantasyland Station and Discoveryland Station!



Wheelchairs and strollers may be stored in the back of each wagon, however, sotrage space is limited and not protected against wind and rain. If the storage space is fully occupied strollers and wheelchairs must be left at the Frontierland Depot requiring guests to stay on the train for a full circle around the Disneyland Parc.

The Frontierland Depot on most days will open only at 12.30 pm. Prior to that time, guests can board the Disneyland Railroad only at the Main Street Station. However, guests may step off the train at all stations at all times, including Frontierland Depot.


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