Critter Corral - Woody's Roundup Village


Meet and greet Minnie, Woody, Jesse and their many friends in a relaxed countryside setting at the far end of Frontierland.

Behind the huge barn housing the Cowboy Cookout Barbecue the wide lands of the Cottonwood Creek Ranch stretch out, part of which the Critter Corral is. On its wide slopes Woody's Roundup Village has been constructed. Here guests can visit Minnie in heir vacation chalet for photos and autographs, as well as Woody, Jesse and their friends in a rustic wild west setting. Occasionally even some of the ducks from the small pool under the wind wheel can be seen visiting the corral. Woody's Roundup Village seasonally also offers one of the smaller barns as sales point for snacks and cold as well as warm drinks.

Strolling between the various small barns and Minnie's chalet guests will also find two covered photo sets. There is the life-sized packaging of Pete from Toy Story 2 inviting guests to pose next to a life-like statue of the sturdy villain. Just around the corner one of the small barns forming the village now functions as barn for Bullseye, Woody's horse from Toy Story 2. Guests can pose next to a life-sized replica of Bullseye or even seated on its back, with cut-out drawings from the toy packaging on the walls of the barn as backdrop.

So grab your cowboy hat and get ready to meet the stars of Toy Story and Toy Story 2!


The entertainment guide / schedule (available from City Hall, the information board next to Central Plaza, as well as below the Main Street Station and from cast members) lists the Disney characters greet guests at Woody's Roundup Village and their schedule so you can plan your visit accordingly. When scheduling a visit consider that waitingtimes tend to grow longer once a show at the Chaparral Theater ends (located opposite Woody's Roundup Village). However, even if lines are longer at certain times or no Disney character is at hand at all, Woody's Roundup Village is worth a visit with its beautiful setting and detail rich photo sets starring Pete and Bullseye.

All Disney characters are happy to sign autographs and pose for photos. Guests may use their own camera, however, official photographers are at hand as well taking photos free of charge, which can then be viewed and bought at Town Square Photography on Main Street.

Woody's Roundup Village is a must-do during the Christmas Season when it is all covered in snow and glittering ice, hosting Santa Claus himself. In addition guests of all ages can then also write a personal letter to Santa Claus and will receive a reply!

Warm and cold drinks as well as seasonal snacks are available from one of the huts inside Woody's Roundup Village.


  • Waitingtime: Waitingtime: 1 of 5 - Waitingtime: 1 of 5
    (waitingtime applies to meet'n'greets with Disney characters only and may vary depending on the Disney character; no waitingtime to explore the area featuring two photo sets)

  • Regular Disney characters at Woody's Roundup Village: Woody, Jesse, Minnie (seasonaly: Santa Claus)

  • Photo sets: one covered photo set each with with Bullseye and Pete from Toy Story 2


For the Christmas Season Woody's Roundup Village and the surrounding landscape is magically becoming a winter wonderland, with snow and ice glitzening in the sun, playful snowmen and glowing icicles in the trees. Guests are invited to stroll through the snowy landscape in which the snowmen seem to be frolicking and then meet Santa Claus, who is relaxing next to the warm fireplace in his home (happily posing for pictures and signing autographs, no matter how tight his schedule is). At the same time his helpers are hard at work next door in Santa's workshop preparing more presents for children all over the world. Also various Disney characters such as Jesse pose for pictures in front of the rustic christmas decorations and the snow covered landscape, while guests can enjoy a sweet treat - like hot chocolate or sweets - available in the village or write their own letter to Santa Claus that is posted from Santa's Postal Office at the entrance to Woody's Roundup Village (and Disney even promises an answer!).

From the Critter Corral petting zoo to Woody's Roundup Village:
In 1997 Woody's Roundup Village replaced the petting zoo that originaly occupied the Critter Corral on opening day 1992 and featured ducks, hens, goats, cows and other typical farm animals. With the re-occurence of the bird flu throughout Europe access to the petting zoo was closed for repeated periods on top of the regular closure for the winter season. Therefore, the decision was made to close down the petting zoo for good and move the animals to various animal locations throughout the resort, including Disney's David Crockett Ranch. However, the ducks still remain at their pond between the Critter Corral and the Chaparral Theater.

For the christmas season 2007 what are known the buildings of Woody's Roundup Village were constructed to form "Santa's Village" featuring one indoor queue building ("Santas's workshop") and a second building, in which guests could meet Santa Claus in front of a cozy fireplace, next to his office desk. After the Christmas season the area was rechristened to "Woody's Roundup Village" in 2008 with the addition of further photo sets and meet'n'greet areas. While Santa's workshop is usually closed outside the Christmas season, Santa's home was thentransformed into a holiday chalet for Minnie at the end of the Christmas Season.However, during Christmas Season the area is still used as Santa's Village with a special overlay (see above), in fact for the Christmas Season 2008 not only was the decoration of the area greatly expanded. In addition the former Woodcarver's Workshop (closed for several years) was transformed into Santa's Postal Office and one of the former barners was remodeled as a snack sales location.


Disney characters are available for meet'n'greets during selected hours on most days - please check the entertainment guide / schedule (available from City Hall, the information board next to Central Plaza, as well as below the Main Street Station and from cast members) for up-to-date information.

Woody's Roundup Village usually closes at dusk and may also be closed due to incliminate weather during the day. votings

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