Fantasyland Station

Fantasyland Station

Fantasyland Station

Fantasyland Station

The most "magical" of the Disneyland Railroad's four stops on its way around the Magic Kingdom.

Hidden away behind (or one could also say: above) the Fantasyland Festival Stage on the furthest edge of Fantasyland is one of the four stations where guests can board the Disneyland Railroad for a round trip tour of the park. The station is simply but cheerfully and detailrich designed - fitting perfectly into the atmosphere of Fantasyland. It offers a special sight in spring when the station is flanked on both sides by trees covered in beautiful blossom. This does not only make queuing here a pleasure but also invites guests to relax in this wonderful place - not to speak of the fact that the trees offer a cool shady spot away from the sun all year round.

After departing trains enter Discoveryland offering some great views of Space Mountain, then onwards to Main Street Station, situated close to the entrance of the park. After a brief stop they enter the Grand Canyon Diorama which features a display of many of the animals which inhabit the desert landscape before arriving at Frontierland Depot. Finally the train passes through Adventureland, where guests catch a glimpse of scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean before returning to Fantasyland Station.


If you're staying at the Newport Bay Club, the Sequoia Lodge, the Hotel Cheyenne or at the Hotel Santa Fe, you'll get the benefit of having the chance to enjoy your breakfast at Fantasyland before the park officially opens in the morning. The only way to get to your breakfast buffett, is boarding the Disneyland Railroad at Main Street, U.S.A., which will bring you to directly to Fantasyland. This gives you also the chance to get an early morning view onto a peaceful Frontierland and the undisturbed jungles of Adventureland.


  • Number of Trains: 4
  • Number of Stations: 4
  • Trains: "George Washington", "C.K. Holliday", "William F. Cody", "Eureka"
  • Waitingtime: Waitingtime: 3 of 5


With the advent of McDonald's in the resort 1999 very laied back signs were added to indicate, that the railroad is sponsored by McDonald's.


The station is occasionally closed in the mornings. During this time trains can only be boarded from Main Street Station. votings

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