Star Traders


“Star Tours has landed, please visit our shop for all your intergalactic merchandise needs and wishes”...

Next to the exits of both Star Tours on one side and Captain EO on the other side guest can find the futuristic shop Star Trader. On the shelves guest will find space themed items from Star Wars as well as some Disney space themed collectibles. Micheal Jackson is also to be found on some merchandise in the shop.

The shop has a small extra room where even more merchandise is on display.

The outdoor of the shop is connected with the Discoveryland Train station and part of the roof is used for the attractions queue. The roof is also a balcony, but it is not accessible to the general public.


A good place for fans of the Vynilmation figures, small Mickey figures painted in various colors and with various themes or prints.


  • Opening times. During regular park opening hours.


The small area at the back of the shop used to be used for Star Wars articles only but has recently been used for other items too while the Star Wars items have been placed more central inside the shop. votings

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