Discovery Foods

Burgers and Pizzas will still be widely available in the future...

Discoveryland is the home of two big counter service restaurants. The first one is right next to Space Mountain, Cafe Hyperion. The massive building has been the host of many stage productions like Mulan and the lion king, but it also houses a big counter service where burgers and fries are the main choice on the menu.

Behind Space Mountain, just next too Honey I shrank the Audience lies the entrance of Pizza Planet Restaurant. The restaurant has a small play area and children love the place. Even when lunch is over it will be hard to try to get the younger once out of the Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet - Indoor Playground. On the menu you'll find pizza, fries, salads and for those feeling a little adventurous a Pizza Burger.

Rocket Cafe is a small place, offering hot dogs and other small bites.

Cafe Hyperion

Get your burger and fries before you enjoy one of the great animation shows on one of the big screens at the Cafe Hyperion [...more]

Rocket Cafe

A quick biteat the Rocket cafe befor you travel further into the future of Discoveryland [...more]

Pizza Planet Restaurant

Have a pizza at this Toy Story inspired restaurant featuring an elaborate indoor playground[...more]