Pizza Planet Restaurant


Have a pizza at this "Toy Story"-inspired restaurant featuring an elaborate indoor playground.

Film fans will instantly recognise the name of this Restaurant from Disney’s hit film "Toy Story". This restaurant is a recreation of the "Pizza Planet" featured in the film, where Woody desperately tries to reunite himself and Buzz with Andy, but Buzz has other ideas.

Situated in the far corner of Discoveryland the entrance to Pizza Planet is hidden under the Disneyland Railroad tracks behind Space Mountain. Upon entering the lobby guests find a large replica of RC, the remote control car from the film, close by a "Guard Robots" also featured in the film overlook the doors to the main restaurant.

The restaurant is decorated with large neon lights and giant model planets, which hang from the ceiling. The dining area is made up from a large number of stainless steel chairs arranged around matching tables. In one corner is a child’s play area which features giant replicas of many of the Toy Story characters such as a "Slinky" crawling tube and a "Rex" slide, whilst in the centre of the restaurant stands an oversized grabber machine full with alien toys.

While the parents relax and the younger children enjoy the playground teens can play on several arcade games also found in the restaurant (cover charge applies), true to the arcade-style of the restaurant in the animated feature.


The small kids play area and huge popularity of the Toy Story films must be the main reason this restaurant remains so busy, as it certainly isn’t the food, which is mediocre at its best (even though they offer the "Pizza Burger", which is unique to DLP). The fact that the restaurant is built in a large, poorly themed metal box also lends nothing to the atmosphere.

One Plus: from time to time, characters from "Toy Story" appear at the restaurant for a meet and greet.


  • Service: Counter service
  • Food: Pizza, salads, burger, fries, sandwiches
  • Priceclass: Priceclass 2 (of 5)


The Pizza Planet Restaurant was actually almost completly destroyed during the heavy storm, that hit Europe at Christmas 1999.

The restaurant - which was just put into Discoveryland as a temporary solution against the long lines at DLP's fast-food restaurants - had to be rebuilt and opened again in early summer 2000.

It's original name was Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet till the first part was dropped sometime between Halloween and Christmas 2001. Why? Fans, once they recognized it in early 2002, assumed it might be because plans for a Buzz Lightyear attraction were progressing (which was officially announced only in early 2005) and the park was trying to avoid guest messing up the restaurant and the ride as early as possible. votings

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