Cafe Hyperion


Get on board of this café and enjoy some burgers while watching one of the fantastic shows.

Right in the middle of Discoveryland a huge airship seems to be emerging from within a building, marking the impressive doorways to the Cafe Hyperion.

Once inside a row of counters sell a variety of basic food fair including Hamburgers, Nuggets and Fries.

The huge multi-level dining area is tiered to offer views of the Videopolis stage, home to a selection of Disney stage shows.

One of the largest restaurants in the park, Café Hyperion’s prominent location in centre of Discoveryland ensures it remains busy throughout the day, but particularly during show performance times.


While most of the restaurant’s tables offer a view of the show the best views are from the non-eating theatre style seating area close to the stage. Guests who are on a super tight schedule may wish to combine watching the show with a slightly compromised view with lunch or dinner. However the shows here are normally of such great quality that it’s worth visiting when not planning to eat, to find a place in the front seating area.


  • Service: Counter service
  • Food: Burger, salads, fries, sandwiches
  • Priceclass: Priceclass 2 (of 5)


The "Hyperion" is a recreation of a blimp of the same name, that was featured in Disney's live-action movie "The Island at the Top of the World". In this movie from 1974, the (French) air-ship is used to get a expedition to the Arctic, where a rich American is looking for his missing son. They find him in a small, green oasis amidst the icy desert, where he lived among Vikings, that had been secluded from the rest of the world for centuries.

Disney had hoped that this movie would bring them back into the field of action movies. Imagineer Tony Baxter even designed a whole new land for Disneyland based on this movie. It was planned, that "Discovery Bay" would be constructed at the Rivers of America between Frontierland and Fantasyland. It was supposed to feature a rollercoaster, Captain Nemo's "Nautilus" as well as the "Hyperion".

Once the movie bombed at the box-office, those plans were shelved - but resurrected for the design of Discoveryland. votings

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